The Multistrada is a hell of a lot of bike

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After a tyre refresh and around 3,000 kays travelled I am pretty comfortable saying the MTS is the best bike I have ever owned. Electronics There is a lot to cover here. Electronic suspension settings, ABS, dash and the ignition system, all pretty complex. It’s the most technology on any bike I’ve ever owned and I’m still …

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Multistrada in micro

Dan Camface

Got a new lens for my trust Olympus EPL-2 PEN and now I love the little micro four-thirds more than ever. The 17mm fixed lens is really small and compact whereas the big flashy 14-150mm is a great all round super zoom lens, it takes up heaps of room. 

Comparing front wheel sizes


Something I have never really understood from a practical sense is what the big difference is with front wheels sizes. Every man and his dog have tried different explanations on me but none of them sink in. So when I found this video review on YouTube I was really chuffed to get a really practical …

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Living with a bigger Monster – the 796

Ducati Monster 796 1

I’ve had the opportunity to test the Monster LAMs 659 for a while as a commuter, then I was given the 796 to compare the two, by my mates at Ducat City Melbourne – lucky me! First thing I noticed was the throttle restrictor was missing from the LAMs 659 which only pulls a two thirds WOT, making you ride it …

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The sexy Ducati Monster 1100 EVO

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It’s short wheelbase and moderate rider lean angle make it feel tight and aggressive. It has oodles of lush twin power that just makes you wanna wind it on. It has the wet multiplate clutch so no Ducati clickety clack which makes it feel more controllable and maybe reserved compared with the Hyper. That lean …

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