Ducati Hypermotard luggage options

Thanks to Big Steve over at Not another motorcycle blog for bringing these latest finds to my attention.

The Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage is new to me, I have never heard of it but I am quickly becoming a fan.

This little Peak Tail Bag has certainly ‘piqued’ my interest the most, especially as they posted this picture on their site with it snugly fitted to a Hyper luggage rack!


While this lacks real touring capability, like Ducati Hypermotard Explorer ‘Adventure bike’ model I posted recently with it’s whopping Givi rack system, it still appeals for several reasons.

The strap system is far stronger than the small tail bag from Ducati Performance that I rushed in and ordered online with my normal level of enthusiasm without to much thought. And there are two ways to fit it.

The four pot strap system wraps snuggly under the luggage rack by the looks of the above, and then there is a clip system which might even fit a stock seat and hook on alright. Both of these options look like they would be more secure and out speed rate the DP bag which is rated at a max speed of 100kmh.

This Wolfman video shows how the two fitting options work on the Peak Tail bag.

It surpasses the DP bag for another reason, two actually. The clever addition of a bungee cord on the front means you could strap wets, even wet wets, outside the bag and other stuff like delicate smartphones and digital cameras, inside in the nicely twin pocketed, padded and lined inside part.



And at $129 AUD from their Australian dealer, Adventuremoto.com.au it ain’t a bad option for a day bag. Expandable to 11ltrs it’s right on the money to be the same size as the DP bag and could stash enough for an overnighter packed carefully, but I think it is the organisation and compartmentalisation of the Wolfman product that has one my attention most. Oh and cool styling.

Black is good.

Image source: Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage, Colorado USA.

Then the big fella has again opened my eyes to another new brand. Man that guy is good at online research. We are talking about Maxpedition.

With a distinctly armed services, law enforcement focus they make tough looking bags. Wanna look bad ass? Get a Maxpedition and no-one will dare call it a man bag.



Steve and I agreed that this bag looks like those big straps would easily work with the luggage rack but it may take some working around and maybe an occy strap.


But look at all these pockets!


A bonus point to Steve (again) for thinking outside the square with the fuel limits on a Hyper. Get a bag like this and chuck a few litres of extra fuel into some MSR bottles in those small side pockets. Job done.

Image source: LEGEAR Australia. 

Then for the poser in me and just because it’s Ducati license branded, I have to chuck this in for good looks.

The Tumi Ducati Duffel. Not a touring bag for your bike as much as for your next plane trip – or when you just want to make that extra statement.


You have to admit, it is nice looking luggage.

Not sure if I am ready to take my infatuation that far…. yet.

Anyway it turns out there are options for luggage after all, I just had to look a bit harder and talk to other die hard nutters who are better at research than me!