Shake, rattle and roll

Then there are the bars. The bent bars. The bent bars I can’t stop noticing more and more every time I ride it which I think are attributable to my last off but which were supposedly replaced and repaired mid last year and she went down in a chicaine. I have been back to see the boys …

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HM45 Mid Size Hyper Fuel Tank – Crowdfunding required!

The guys over at CA Cycleworks are renowned in the Ducati/Hyper community for their HM69 tank – a replacement 24 litre tank for the original pissy 13 litre stock tank giving Hyper owners some real range capability.   I was all for this option prior to finding out about the WaspWorks PUK. That basically replaces your stock airbox and gives you a …

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Ducati Performance rear paddock stand

S L400

The Buell was a belt drive, and the dirt bikes had there own stands but not something I could use for Sookie. I checked out a range of other stands but as with all Ducati stuff I am finding out, the Performance parts are made specifically to do the job and are really high quality, …

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The Ducati Hyper’s excuse for luggage

Hypermotard950Sp Scaled

This is a laughable attempt at luggage for the amount of kaching spent and labour cost to get the rack installed. Laughable. But apart from a backpack it’s all I’ve got. History tells me that I get away for a four day ride, once a year. Experience tells me that doing 2000kms with a heavy backpack …

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