Three new liquid-cooled Ducati 820 models for 2013

I‘ve been tracking this news since the first spyshot back in May this year when this first image appeared;

…so I’m heaps excited by this latest development.

The news is presented as fact, right down to the date being for a reveal around EICMA 2012 in Milan which we’ve always thought true so we could be getting three new middleweight models based on a new 820cc 90-degree water-cooled V-Twin powerplant producing 113 hp, to take on the other big brands in this segment.

Interesting to note that blog notes that there is a ‘traditional Ducati pre-EICMA presentation on Nov 12’ which explains my lack of knowledge about EICMA for one, but also that I couldn’t find a registered Ducati stand on the EICMA site previously.

Translated from the French site it doesn’t read quite right in English, but hey, I can’t read French either so here are the best bits directly from their post with no apology for grammar from me, i could try but then it wouldn’t be as much fun to read.

Here are some new info on the hot new bike station on 2013. Finally, it is not one but three new middleweight Ducati presented in Milan: the Multistrada 820, Hypermotard 820 roadster and 820, equipped with the same engine. Strongly EICMA 2012! These information are to be taken seriously. Ducati is launching a new range of motorcycles for 2013, based on a unique and all-new platform!

New engine 820 cm3, ride-by-wire, three maps, 115 hp!

Always type L-Twin, the new twin Ducati 820 2013 will be slightly raised in the frame with a horizontal cylinder before less than usual. The engine therefore reach 820 cm3, for a water-cooled engine and has a latest electronic, including the type accelerator must “ride by wire” (without cable) to facilitate the implementation of assistance and control consumption and pollution. The new Ducati engine will develop 115 horsepower and nearly 9 daN.m or sharp performance for such a displacement based on only two pistons. All have three modes of injection mapping.

Ducati Multistrada 820, Hypermotard 820, and a new roadster … for 2013

This twin 820 cm3 will be integrated into a chassis “base”, the same declined on three motorcycles, Ducati Multistrada 820, 820 and Hypermotard 820 roadster, no technical revolution expected, we can expect to see the famous frame steel mesh, with odds unpublished. The swingarm is held on the versions spotted by our source, like the inverted forks. One of three new Ducati 820 2013 take the form of a trail, very, very close to the spirit of the new Ducati Multistrada 1200.


However, this trail Ducati 820 cm3 remain very focused road with 17-inch wheels and sticks to a saddle, but apparently very fine adjustable from 810 to 850 mm. Security will be at an appointment with an unpublished Ducati Safety Pack (ABS Traction control over, coupled with ride-by-wire system). The dimensions of the new Ducati 820 2013 are very compact, determining bikes fine narrower than the Triumph Tiger 800 for example …

A new Ducati 820 roadster but not a Monster?

The second variation seen these like Ducati 820 2013 Ducati Hypermotard frankly one, and it’s a safe bet. Hypermotard an “average” engine (820 cm3) which will probably replace either the Hypermotard 796, Hypermotard 1100 Evo either, or both!

And the third declension takes the form of an unpublished roadster 820 for the Ducati brand. This roadster Ducati 820 is more aggressive in its lines, a bit like the Streetfighter. It is always formidable compactness.

So that would answer all of my questions! – not one or the other but three new models. How exciting would that be? For me, it might present a perfect second bike option – if I do indeed try to keep the Hyper EVO SP with low kms and take a commuter on the daily journey to work.

Spyshots certainly make it look like a small bike, but if the seat height is at least 800mm and sort of upright, it could work. Certainly a cheaper option than a new Multistrada 1200 S, an 820cc Multistrada would get some great fuel consumption, have a touring factor thrown in and maybe some sort of off-road ability – four great points for a second bike to find a way into my shed.