Australian Motorcycle Expo Melbourne 2012

At the very least I am expecting to see the full fleet of 2013 Multistrada 1200s, oodles of shiny Italian bike  pr0n.

While I am still unsure what the purchase of Ducati by Audi completed earlier this year means for Ducati in Australia, (handled by independent NF Importers – part of the Fraser Motorcycles Group – since 1964) it could mean we start to see some sort of news in late November this year.

An R&D announcement, or even an Audi branded Ducati? Fashion label Diesel, paired with Ducati earlier this year to produce the confusingly titled the Diesel Monster, so anything is possible.

The Mercedes partnership to create the AMG Diavel was quickly pulled from the line-up after the Audi purchase, so maybe there is something coming down the line to look out for. Recently they announced a fleet of Audi cars for the Borgo Panigale based Ducati, so there is movement at the station as we say in Australia.

Of course I am speculating beyond any factual knowledge here, but that’s half the fun of being a blogger!

Most of all, I am excited to hear more about a ‘baby’ Multistrada. Potentially, a new 820cc L Twin Testastretta engine coupled with a smaller, liquid cooled, lighter and more affordable Multi would be welcomed in the range in my view.

And of course, news of a baby liquid cooled Hyper sounds as promising yet as dubious as ever. No one I can name that rides an 1100 Hyper wants to see the cessation of the current air-cooled power plant in place of liquid-cooled engine, no-one. Only time will tell peeps, not long to go now.

Last year’s Ducati stand at the Australian Motorcycle Expo

Australian Motorcycle Expo Melbourne 2012 runs 23 – 25 November at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. I’ll be there with my camera and notebook, that I can report as pure fact.