Shake, rattle and roll

Then there are the bars. The bent bars. The bent bars I can’t stop noticing more and more every time I ride it which I think are attributable to my last off but which were supposedly replaced and repaired mid last year and she went down in a chicaine. I have been back to see the boys …

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HM45 Mid Size Hyper Fuel Tank – Crowdfunding required!

The guys over at CA Cycleworks are renowned in the Ducati/Hyper community for their HM69 tank – a replacement 24 litre tank for the original pissy 13 litre stock tank giving Hyper owners some real range capability.   I was all for this option prior to finding out about the WaspWorks PUK. That basically replaces your stock airbox and gives you a …

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Has the horse bolted on the Hyper?

Micklem 0825

The Australian Open has been won, or lost, depending on which player you support, I’ve put another 1,500kms on the clock of the Hyper and the Australian public holiday has been and gone once again – it can only mean one thing; yet another ADR (Australia Day Ride) has come to an end. ‘Our lot’ …

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Ducati Hypermotard 2013 pricing

Hypermotard 5

This one snuck under the radar while I was out riding with Ducati Australia confirming pricing across the 2013 range. Props to Scott the Kiwi for reminding me! It’s a bit of an exciting time if you are in the market for a new bike, there is so much going on with cross over models and nakeds …

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