Shake, rattle and roll

Then there are the bars. The bent bars. The bent bars I can’t stop noticing more and more every time I ride it which I think are attributable to my last off but which were supposedly replaced and repaired mid last year and she went down in a chicaine.

I have been back to see the boys at Ducati City and it is booked in for a look-see at what is going on – one mate Murphy says it could be they have just not been set up properly and if we loosen off the triple clamps and the bolts underneath and give it a good muscle it might come good. Big Steve reckons the forks might be bent.

If I find there is something expensive wrong then I’ll be going back to my insurance company and DC to find out what exactly was done when it was repaired. Grumble grumble…


Whatever it is you can clearly tell that left side is sitting higher than the other. It’s annoying more than anything else and I can’t believe I haven’t noticed sooner. It took Racin’ Mason to ride it while I had a scoot on his Speed Triple 1050R to point it out to me which annoys me even more.