The Hyper makeover revealed – a dark beast rises

Ishot off at 9am after trying to go back to sleep for an hour but the spa had woke me up too much so I farted around the place doing heaps of nothing, agitated and mildly hungover I just wanted to get moving.

The boys at Motologic had told me the panels were done, dry and ready to go. It was all I could think about. Finally, I was going to see my vision of owning a black Hyper come to fruition!

I took the dogs with me and headed out to Campbellfield. They weren’t open. Not a good start.

But I could hear a superbike screaming it’s head off inside. Someone was home, doing a dyno run. Should of heard this thing, through a dyno booth  inside a locked warehouse you could clearly hear this bike tearing up the air screaming its lungs out, barely muted by the enclosure in which it was begging to be freed from.

Another customer arrived and banged the door down to get his HM dash for his suzy and it was time. My panels were in the drying room down the back.

Still feeling light headed I realised that possibly this was all from the childlike enthusiasm and excitement I was feeling. This was it the moment of truth.


‘MY GOD THEY LOOK FbeepKING AMAZING’ were my exact words. Remembering that this was all done over the phone and a rough idea of a plot for my panels and a bit of faith in the process that it would all just be fine, I hadn’t even seen the colour on anything to be honest, Steve just enthusiastically described it over the phone and I was sold.

It was so satisfying to see in the flesh. A deep, slightly metallic, gun metal grey colour was glistening at me from every single panel and a triple blood-red racing stripe from nose to tail, all the way over the tank and finishing in absolutely perfect detail. My heart was pounding so fast I think I retched a little bit. Crazy I know, send in the clowns….



I tore home in the rolla (don’t get excited, it’s short for Corolla) and got my shit together. I was time to panel swap this shit up.

I set up the Drift HD1080P to do another time lapse video and put the bike up on the paddock stand and grabbed the two tools needed to change every single panel on a Hyper in 30 mins.

Two allen keys.

Stripping the bike of all its panels is the only way to really clean the thing after  you’ve ridden dirt roads and it was filthy so I spent a good two hours detailing it while it was naked.

I love the simplicity of the Hyper when it’s naked.

Then once I was happy put all the new panels on. 30 mins flat. No video sorry, there was too much plumbers crack from a poorly placed camera, think I’ll spare you all that action.

It’s silly just how excited this makes me, which tells me something I didn’t realise before about myself; I really care about what my bikes look like. I mean, like REALLY care. I hate to admit it but it really pumps my nads when my bike looks totally horn. And man it looks horn.