Ducati Hypermotard 2013 pricing

This one snuck under the radar while I was out riding with Ducati Australia confirming pricing across the 2013 range. Props to Scott the Kiwi for reminding me!

It’s a bit of an exciting time if you are in the market for a new bike, there is so much going on with cross over models and nakeds becoming ever more popular driving fierce competition in the segment, if you are looking at getting on one of the new Hypermotard family then you are in for a nice surprise.


With the base model coming in at *$16,990. That’s a pretty sweet RRP.

Even more interestingly the one that I’m most intrigued about, the new cross over Hypermotard and Multistrada frakensickle the Hyperstrada, has a retail list price of only $17,990.  Featuring ‘detachable touring luggage’ and in two suspension versions, normal with 850mm seat height and low with 810mm seat height. It think with the 821cc/110bhp donk this is the most attractive proposition in the range.


To me, the new racey model, the Hypermotard SP, with ‘sportier performance’ just isn’t that exciting at $20,490 which is only $1,000 shy of the RRP of my existing 1100 EVO SP and for a bike that is supposedly the same dry weight (171kg)  maybe even a tad heavier and quite shy of a few torque worthy cubic centimeters it just doesn’t add up for me. If you can find the last Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP anywhere on the planet right now, go buy it.

Maybe these new figures will become easier to grasp once I get to ride one, but right now I can see how the Hyperstrada would fit into my life with some touring capability but I wouldn’t be trading my weapon for an 820 any day soon.  There are also only two colour variants on the Hyperstrada, red and white. Typically, I’d like to see a black one, which looks pretty tough with the red trellis on the new base model Hyper.


Never mind, moving on.

There is also good news on the Multistrada front with more price reductions in the range.

The Mutlistrada 1200 ABS starts at $22,9990 before jumping $5,500 to the Multistrada S Touring at $28,490 or $30,490 for the new Multistrada 1200 S Grantourismo before peaking out (haha) with the grand poo-bah, the Pikes Peak at $31,990 (yes please, I’ll take one).

That’s some good savings right there on that range, and makes the base model 1200 ABS a very attractive package indeed. if I didn’t have a whole lot of other shit going on I’d be scratching together my pennies for one of those babies as quick as I could. The only downfall being that the base model won’t benefit from the electronic suspension package dubbed Ducati Skyhook Suspension (DSS) read, active suspension control.

I’m just not that sure I’m ready for my bike to do that stuff for me, I think I like things simpler (and air cooled). Same goes for integrated breaking, front-to-rear combined braking which is becoming more and more common these days on modern bikes is just not for me. I get confused when jamming on the front pegs for the whole bike to squat down. Again, I haven’t ridden one but I certainly don’t like it on other bikes I’ve ridden with the technology (see I don’t like BMWs).

So some good news and maybe as little as two or so months away people! What say you?

Source: Ducati News Today

*Note all prices are Recommended Retail Prices (RRP) which include GST but exclude relevant Dealer & Statutory Charges which also differ from state to state. Prices are applicable as on 03.01.2013 and are subject to change without notice.