Ducati Performance rear paddock stand

The Buell was a belt drive, and the dirt bikes had there own stands but not something I could use for Sookie.

I checked out a range of other stands but as with all Ducati stuff I am finding out, the Performance parts are made specifically to do the job and are really high quality, and expensive to boot. This beast of a stand retails in the store for $329 at the time of writing this.

But I knew what I was in for when I signed up so I am not gonna turn this into a whinge abou exorbitant prices, oh shit. I think I just did. Plus I think Santa gave it to me anyway?

What is awesome about this stand is that it’s a one person job to get your whole bike up off the ground making for easy cleaning, detailing and to lube that chain.

To start with you put the bike on its sidestand, then roll the race stand up behind it on two wheels.

It actually slides most of the way in like this and is a perfect line up. The axle connects perfectly with the back wheel and slides in easily. That is it in position in the second picture on the right.

Then while standing behind the bike you sort of of ‘tip it’ up to the standing position as if you are sitting on it. About to do that in this second photo but had to put the camera down :)

Then you are in control of the bike completely with the stand alone. Then you simply push the u part of the stand downwards with both hands, or a foot, and it tips the bike wholly onto the axle of the stand and pushes the bike upright ont the stand. That’s it done in the third photo.

It’s kind of cool in it’s simplicity, and enigneered well so it feels natural to do this.

Once it is up the bike feels really stable and safe. On my second or third go I got a bit cocky with the second step of standing it up straight and I don’t think the bar was the whole way through the axel so it kinda lurched to the right as if it might roll off and tip over, so you just gotta make sure you have the whole bar of the stand through before you do this, and steady it with your free hand to make sure you have it balanced.

If you have a chain driven bike and no centre stand then you are going to need one of these one day.