Awesome mutant motard – the Bimotard DB10

Bimota Db10 Bimotard Eicma 103

While the Tesi 3D got a ‘Phwoaarrr’ out of me indeed, it didn’t exactly shall we say, push my buttons apart from it’s obvious engineering-marvel perspective. That front suspension system is out of this world.   From some angles it looks really balanced and must have an incredibly low centre of gravity giving it some …

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Cool Ducati art for your man-cave

The Art of Brands site team up big name brands with original artists to create official art licensed by the brands. Pretty cool I thought. I totally love this graffiti inspired Valentino piece. Would hang it on my wall in a flash. And for some reason I’m quite partial to this Hypermotard being torn apart …

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Upgrades; Stacks, Pods & Pipes


Trying to work out which way to go with power upgrades and pipe installs is a big decision not to be taken lightly.   After much deliberation and quite a few discussions with fellow Hyper fans, most notably my new bestie Big Steve about the pipe situation, I took the plunge and ordered the WaspWorks Hyper PUK adamant …

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