Cool Ducati art for your man-cave

The Art of Brands site team up big name brands with original artists to create official art licensed by the brands. Pretty cool I thought.

I totally love this graffiti inspired Valentino piece. Would hang it on my wall in a flash.

And for some reason I’m quite partial to this Hypermotard being torn apart at the middle, must have had the WaspWorks PUK installed, surely. That looks kinda what it feels like when you roll on too much throttle in third gear.


Anyway, thought I’d give em a bit of a plug and share the love, so if you are intersted in more man-cave art check out their website, follow them on Twitter, or look em up on Facebook and if you are lucky enough to be anywhere near  Misano in Italy this year then check out their competition to win tickets to World Ducat Week.