The ultimate penis extension – the Dyno run sheet

So when I finally got around to getting the Hyper with all of its new found power on the Dyno I was hoping for exactly that. I wanted magic numbers and I wasn’t entirely disappointed.

Dear Lord, thank you for this…


The Hypermotard EVO SP 2012 is the pinnacle of the Hypermotard’s development. It may even be the last one there is. It beefed up the front end, reduced the weight and added more power. Stock at the rear wheel it boasts 80bhp, although the silly tech spec on any Ducati site will tell you it makes 95bhp but that’s taken at the flywheel which just isn’t a real number.

I’m talking about real world power here, taken on the Dyno at the rear wheel, the power the bike puts down to the bit that delivers the power to the road. The link between bike and biker. 80 ponies is its stock real number and it isn’t to be laughed at when the little powerhouse only weighs 171kgs (dry weight).

Anyway, I gots it down to Ducati City and had it run on the Dyno for a Dyno sheet run to see what kind of increase the Wasp Works PUK and Termi slip-ons have made.


Just a touch under 90bhp ain’t bad and it represents a 10% increase over the stock 80bhp. Here is a quick iPhone vid Jamie from Ducati City shot for me of the big wind on (it’s really low quality cause it was shot through double glazed glass).


I reckon I could squeeze a few more out of it by doing the cat delete, but for now I am pretty stoked with the bang for buck that is the WaspWorks PUK and a set of Termi slip-ons found online. Gold I tell ya.