The top 10 best Ducati bikes of all time

The top 10 best Ducati bikes of all time

Wondering about what are the top 10 best Ducati bikes of all time from a motorcycle brand that has a rich history with the production of dozens of unique and powerful motorcycles?

List of top 10 Ducati motorcycles

  • Ducati 250 Twin 1959
  • Ducati 851
  • Ducati 888
  • Ducati 916
  • Ducati 996
  • Ducati 999 (F03,F04,F06)
  • Ducati 1098(F08, R)
  • Desmosedici GP7
  • Ducati XDiavel Lamborghini and Family


  1. New Streetfighter V4 SP (2021)


Ducati is one of the most popular motorcycle-producing brands that produces a variety of premium quality motorcycles from the very beginning of its foundation. It has been producing top-notch, perfect motorcycles for its motorcycle enthusiasts since 1926.

When we talk about the best motorcycles, we mean Style, Sophistication, Performance, and yes Trust by its customers. This is where Ducati comes first to our minds. Though its bikes come with an expensive price tag, but

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Ducati is trusted by its customers for their premium quality, and they happily pay the worth.

These motorcycles have gained a prestigious reputation for being the best and top Ducati Motorcycles of all time for their Performance, elegant design, Ducati multimedia system, Ducati safety pack, and love of their riders. But when we talk about the love of the riders. Performance comes in the first place.

As a motorcycle with just awesome design is not enough. These best Ducati motorcycles have hard-earned their rider’s love by winning dozens of World Championship titles, MotoGP titles, best design titles, their superior performance, electronic components.

This blog is about the most sought-after motorcycles and top 10 Ducati motorcycles of all time. Our list includes Ducati’s best models from the past and new models till now.

We have made this list on the basis of Performance, award-winning history, sophistication, great designs, and road-biased motorcycles best for any kind of road.



Ducati 250 Twin 1959 (1959)

Despite the fact that the Rise of Ducati was fortuned with continuous hard work and dedication in1993, there were a couple of powerful machines since the foundation. One of them is Ducati 250 Twin.

Fabio Taglioni was the engineer who designed and built this legendary motorcycle. Taglioni designed a Ducati 250 Twin that was capable of delivering 37 Horsepower at 11,600 revs and a twin-tube cradle with a bore of 55×55.25.

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A well-known rider Mike Hailwood made his relationship with Ducati. He was a very talented young racer and had a strong wealthy background. His father supported him in finding his ideal bike that Was Ducati 250 Twin.


Ducati 851 (1987-1992)

Ducati 851 as a successor of an air-cooled two-valve Ducati 750 F1 has a desmodromic four-valve liquid-cooled. You would be amazed to know that Massimo Bordi designed this model for his thesis project at the University of Bologna.


As we mentioned earlier about the rise of Ducati started in the late 90s. It was the creation of a four Valve Ducati 851  that made Ducati a rising competitor again in motorcycle racing.


Title Won: SBK (World Champion, SBK)

Year: 1990

Champion: Raymond Rosh

Motorcycle: Ducati 851

Wins: 8

2nd place: 7

3rd place: 2

Team: Squadra Corse Ducati, Lucchinelli


Ducati 888 (1991-1994)

Ducati 888 was an upgraded version of the Ducati 851 motorcycle of 1991. Ducati increased the capacity of this version from 851 cc to 888 cc. Both versions, Ducati 851, and 888 had the same  4-valve desmodromic value as the company’s two-cylinder motors with a liquid-cooling system.


This bike along with its rider Doug Polen secured 1st place twice in the history of this bike. Ducati Stopped its production in 1993 after losing to Kawasaki in the World Superbike Championship.

Title Won: SBK(World Champion, SBK)

Year: 1991,1992

Champion: Doug Polen

Motorcycle: Ducati 888

Wins: 17,09

2nd place: 04,04

3rd place: 0,02

Team: Fast by Ferracci Ducati, Team Police Ducati


Ducati 916 (1994-1998)

A four-time World Superbike Champion, Ducati 916 is recognized as king and sport production special of all other Superbike World Championship titles holding motorcycles from Ducati. This Giant was a complete sports bike introduced in 1994 and became one of the most iconic bikes ever.

It had a 90-degree V-Twin powerful engine of 916 cc, 4 valve Ducati water-cooled engine that produced 114 bhp at 9000 rpm and 67 ft-lbs of torque at 6900 rpm which was pretty insane for its time. This is the only reason this model from the past is praised more than any other superbikes of Ducati.


Ducati 916 is smaller in size than Ducati 888 and has a new cool bodywork with aggressive lines that make it look sharper and faster. Ducati 916 was widely admired for its design, awesome technical features, and capabilities.

It’s no wonder why this bike won so many races throughout its life span as well as being featured on so many magazines covers and posters during the 90s and early 2000s.

There are a lot of motorcycles out there, but few compared to the Ducati 916. This motorcycle is considered by many to be one of the best-looking bikes ever built, and for good reason.

Its sleek design makes it stand apart from other motorcycles on the road. The 916 was produced in 1994-1999 and has been called “the most beautiful bike ever” by Cycle World Magazine more than once!

Who could forget 1994 when Ducati stunned the world with the amazing 916? It was another Ducati-inspired revolution in the high-performance sports motorcycle category. With the 916, technology and style, performance and symmetry reached maximum levels. From the world’s most prestigious bike magazines, the 916 received the title ‘Motorcycle of the year’ and many other well-deserved compliments’.— Mirco De Cet, The Complete Encyclopedia of Classic Motorcycles.

Title Won: SBK (World Champion, SBK)

Year: 1994,1995,1996,1998

Champion(s): Carl Fogarty (1994,1995,1998), Troy Corser (1996)

Motorcycle: Ducati 916

Wins: 10, 13, 07, 03

2nd place: 04, 06, 05, 06

3rd place: 0,0, 01, 05

Team: Virginio Ferrari Ducati Corse (1994,1995), Promotor Racing Team(1996), Ducati Performance (1998).


Ducati 996: (1998-2002)

Replacing the King 916 model was a tough job, But Ducati successfully managed to replace 916with this successor 996 motorcycles. It was manufactured from 1999 to 2002.

This finest model offered some of the best features on the market. The bike had a design made especially for racing.

Ducati introduced three variants of the 996 model.

  • Base
  • Biposto (996 S)
  • 996 SP S (For Europe only)

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In 2001, 996R a new variant of the same bike replaced the 996 SP S version of the bike. Only a limited number of 500 units were manufactured. Ducati 966 Racing (966R) possessed an upgraded 998 cc testastretta engine.

Because of not providing the expected performance, the base version on Ducati 996  was also upgraded with a new air intake system with two fuel injectors per cylinder, a modified chassis, lighter wheels, Discs, callipers, and pads.

This bike was transformed into a more powerful beast with its later modifications. It also grabbed two World Championship titles in its time. Because of its later modification, sleek look, and smooth drive, it became everyone’s favourite bike. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Title Won: SBK (World Champion, SBK)

Year: 1999, 2001

Champion(s): Carl Fogarty (1999), Troy Bayliss (2001)

Motorcycle: Ducati 996, 996R

Wins: 11, 06

2nd place: 06, 06

3rd place: 02, 03

Team: Ducati Performance (1999), Ducati Infostrada (2001)


Ducati 999 (F03,F04,F06): (2003-2006

In our list of Ducati’s Most popular motorcycles, these sport bikes got 5th place. From the very beginning of its production, this invincible beast along with its three upgraded versions successfully earned and nailed three victories with their names in the history of the SuperBike World Championship.

It was a race-oriented beast with a high suspension and trellis chassis. It was designed by Pierre Terblanche and came with its traditional L Twin Desmodromic valve engine.

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It was its performance that enabled this beast to be acknowledged by the world. MCN of the United Kingdom called it “simply the best V-twin on the planet” and also received the praises of being “the most desirable and exciting road bike on the planet” in 2004.

Title Won: 3 SBK (World Champion, SBK)

Year: 2003, 2004, 2006

Champion(s): Neil Hodgson(2003), James Toseland (2004),Troy Bayliss (2006)

Motorcycle: Ducati 999 F03, Ducati 999S F04, Ducati 999R F06

Wins: 13, 03, 12

2nd place: 07, 09, 03

3rd place: 0, 02, 01

Team: Ducati FILA (2003,2004), Ducati Xerox (2006)



Other Titles : 1 Maxisport category for the prestigious international Masterbike 2005 contest, 1 title of British Superbike Competition in 2005 won by Gregorio Lavilla on Ducati 999 F04.


Ducati 1098(F08,R): (2007-2009)

Ducati 1098 is our final pick from the list of racing and award-winning and most loved (by Ducati Fans)and hated (by its competition) bikes. You must be wondering why it was hated?


In 2007, Sport bike world championship rules were limited to a 1000 cc engine. As this model had a robust engine of 1098 cc and racing with a Ducati 999 was not enough. So, Ducati argued with the organization that it was the last engine of its design, and it could not risk competition with a 999.

Ducati also threatened the organization that it would not participate in the competition if rules were changed. Other competitors were unpleasant with the presence of such a powerful engine, especially Ducati.

In response, Suzuki also started to threaten WSBK that it would withdraw if rules were changed. But Ducati won the argument, and the organization changed the rules and set the eligibility criteria of the engine to 1200 cc.

Ducati 1098 RS ( an upgrade version of R) won 2008 and 2009 world champion titles for Ducati. This bike was not legal for road use and was not generally sold to the public as they were purely built for racing purposes.

To improve 1098RS and to honour the Australian legend racer Troy Bayliss on his retirement after winning his three and final Superbike World championship titles with Ducati 1098RS.

Ducati made a modified version of 1098 with the increased 180hp 90-degree L-twin Testastretta Evoluzione engine. which then won a Superbike World Championship with racer Carlos Checa in 2011.

However, the public got 500 limited and legal units of 1098 R Bayliss edition for road and the public. It was of the same colour scheme as Bayliss’ bike used during successful races in the 2008 Grand Prix with his number 21 on the side of the bike.



Title Won: SBK (World Champion SBK)

Year: 2008, 2011

Champion(s): Troy Bayliss (2006), Carlos Checa (2011)

Motorcycle: Ducati 1098 RS F08, Ducati 1098 RS

Wins: 13, 15

2nd place: 06, 00,

3rd place: 05, 06

Team: Ducati Xerox team (2008), Althea Racing (2011)

Other Awards:

  • 2008 British Superbike championship title 2008
  • Award for the “Best Bike of the year” by SWA Supertest World Association.
  • Rewarded as “Best of Show” in Italy and abroad.
  • “Best Sportbike” and “Best Design Awards” by Motorcycle Design Association.
  • “Bike of the year 2007” award by magazines, Moto, Motorrad and Australian Motorcycle News.
  • International “Bike of the Year2007 and 2008”- Choices of Moto journals communities as well as journalists.


Desmosedici GP7- Ducati’s only MotoGP world champion title holder in Ducati history (2008)

The Desmosedici GP7 was the most powerful MotoGP bike in 2008, and it’s also one of the fastest. It had an 800 cc double L- Twin engine that was producing a 225hp figure with a liquid-cooled engine system. It was the fastest of its time. As it was picking speed faster than the 990 cc machines of 2006. they built it specifically for racing.


The rider on board was Australian Racer Casey Stoner. Despite being his second year in the premier MotoGP and first with the Ducati Factory team. Stoner scored 10 match wins and secured his MotoGP world champion title of 2008.

Find out more about Desmosedici GP7.



Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini and Family

The Ducati Diavel Lamborghini is a cruiser-style motorcycle that offers incredible performance, handling, and comfort to the rider. The Ducati Diavel features an innovative design with luxurious materials to ensure an optimal riding experience.

With a powerful engine and distinctive styling, the Ducati Diavel is sure to become one of your favourite motorcycles! It has the signature Lamborghini logo across the tank, and this bike screams power and performance.

This bike has been designed to be ridden around town or in the country but also can handle long-distance touring trips when equipped with optional luggage. Hence making it a luxurious and powerful touring motorcycle.


If Cruiser bikes class is your favourite, then this Ducati Diavel and its models are worth checking out.

Read on for more information about this amazing motorcycle.



New Streetfighter V4 SP (2021

If you’re looking for a bike that can take on all roads, then the Ducati New Streetfighter V4SP 2021 is just what you need. This new model is incredibly powerful and boasts an aerodynamic design to ensure maximum speed.

The brakes are also the state of the art so no matter how fast you go, your safety is always guaranteed. But don’t worry about it being complicated; this Italian beauty comes with four riding modes so even beginners will be able to enjoy it without any trouble!

This Ducati New Streetfighter V4SP engine is a true symbol of power. It has been designed to be the most powerful street bike in the world and will leave even the strongest riders with their jaws dropped.


With a power of 208 hp at 12750 rpm, this bike can reach speeds up to 330 km/h! All that power comes from its Desmosedici Stradale 90-degree V4, rearward-rotating crankshaft, Liquid-cooled engine.

This Ducati motorcycle is a perfect example of a machine that offers power and style combined. It makes a statement about who you are as a rider and what you’re capable of achieving on two wheels.

Get ready for an adrenaline rush like no other, or just ride around town looking cool – this Ducati Streetfighter is for you! If you want a motorcycle that’s ready to take on any road or situation, then look no further.

Want to know more about why this bike is so great?

Ducati motorcycles are among the most sought-after and respected bikes on the planet. Whether you’re looking for a sport bike, touring motorcycle, or something more specific like an adventure tourer, Ducati has just what you need.


With so many different and best Ducati models out there, it wasn’t easy to shortlist the top 10 Ducati bikes, but by keeping Performance, Design and comfortability in mind we managed to shortlist some of the best and most iconic Ducati Motorcycles We’ve taken a look at the top 10 Ducati bikes.

We hope you enjoyed reading it. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!