Hot alien chics riding Ducatis – I am Number Four

This is a long shot really, but seriously there is a really hot alien chic and she rides a Ducati Superbike 848, no word of a lie.

What started as the discovery that my favourite bike has featured in some big name movies that I’d overlooked, has turned into a burning passion to uncover all movies that feature Ducatis. I kicked it off with Hypermotard featuring feature films (Knight & Day, Yes Man) before I come to realise that the most iconic motorbike brand in the world has made quite an impression on producers world wide for quite some time.

In fact, this is a well known fact even. So much so that the latest soft porn Ducati magazine, The Redline Magazine,  has a feature of this very thing. Films featuring Ducatis! It gives me plenty of YouTube research to do, and a whole lot of blogs to come.

So I picked this film, not for a Hyper, but for the film. I l actually oved this film. I am Number Four had everything that makes a great sci-fi great to me. An excellent premise of aliens being stranded on earth (Aussie actor Teresa Palmer), a decent script, mostly unknown actors, a bit of Hollywood budget and of course a Ducati as the hero.

It’s completely off the wall enough to just let go, sit back and enjoy the ride. There is no mental capacity required to enjoy this spectacle.

That’s probably why it never did well at the Box Office, in fact I missed it on the big screen altogether but I think it holds up better that some of the other trash that has come out lately, like say Battleship for instance. What a stinking pile of turds that was.

Sadly clips of quality of I am Number Four are hard to come by on YouTube for an unknown reason, but here is a pretty good teaser of some of the action, including the hot alien chic that disaparates and kicks serious arse.