Sunday ride through the eyes of the MTS

Even though I rode the black beast back from Queensland, I still don’t feel like I fully have the hang of it yet. The bars are wider and have a different riding position to that of the Hyper (RIP) so everything feels different.

I have found this industrial estate that is closed down of a weekend, and it has sort of turned into my little private test track. I figure it is safer than anywhere else public for a bit of gassing it, although I am perfectly aware that it is still a public road and 60km rated.

There is a perfect C-section that hooks right then right then right, which on turning around becomes exactly the opposite, a perfect left then left then left. Great to scrub new tyres in, or in this case try out different cornering methods; leaning, shoulder down, hanging off the seat. Here’s a video test ride I did on the Hyper yonks ago.


This is where I felt my first back end slide on the Multi. I was hanging off the seat on the left hander tipping in, third gear and winding on the gas maybe just a little too much as I straightened up, when the back end lost traction slightly… I powered on out of it. Felt bloody magic.

Feeling more and more confident with each lap, I was doing a slow turn manouver in first, when, on straightening up I popped the throttle and fyark me the front wheel fully extended the suspension and lifted clean up in the air. I believe it’s called a wheelie.


Happy with my new (very worn) warm tyres I headed down the freeway with a big grin in my dial to the beach.


I like riding down to the beach and just looking at the ocean, it makes me feel calm.

Altona isn’t the nicest of beaches but I have found you can ride almost the whole way along the Esplanade and weave your way to Williamstown. It’s just a leisurely hour long return trip to get out on a Sunday.

The refinery or fuel factory thingy is sometimes on fire. I remember being able to spot this from the top floor of my old work place.


I said, mostly follow the track along the Esplanade. What I meant by that is that parts of it sometimes flood. It’s a crap road full of potholes and really poor surfaces. No matter, I’m on board a weapon that can handle it all (in Sport mode of course).


From there I followed some random seldom travelled roads down to Newport and Williamstown. It’s a really pretty ride along the beach. Down to the marina for a bit of serenity and to check out the ships.


And a weird perspective pic that makes me look like I have two right feet.


What did you get up to on Sunday?

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