Comparing front wheel sizes

Something I have never really understood from a practical sense is what the big difference is with front wheels sizes. Every man and his dog have tried different explanations on me but none of them sink in. So when I found this video review on YouTube I was really chuffed to get a really practical easy to understand explanation of what it does mean in the real world.


It’s probably down to the person telling the story, their level of actual understanding vs personal interpretation of what it means, and sometimes it is just the way that a person puts it into laymans terms so that I can ‘get’ it.


This guy does exactly that; really simple language and a clear explanation and real world example of what it means to an everyday motorcyclist.


If you don’t want to watch the whole thing skip forward to around 50 secs and you will see that ‘ahuh!’ moment I had where he talks through the difference and explains visually by putting the two wheels side by side.


So, in my own words, the bigger the front wheel the better it’s going to handle in the dirt and you can bunny hop over bigger curbs and rocks.