New Ducati Diesel Monster 1100

The answer is no. Is there such a thing as a diesel Ducati? No. Do we want one? No. Have they made one? Yes.


So was I trying to get to the bottom of it. Not much of a fashion label kinda guy I didn’t immediately think of a fashion company doing a branded makeover on such an iconic motorbike. I thought of a diesel powered motorcycle, specifically a Ducati.

I imagined a squat stumpy Monster with some sort of breakthrough diesel powered (read, heavy) engine, too much torque and 30kms to the litre ability, not the label from a pair of jeans stitched onto a standard Monster painted camo green.

Which is exactly what has happened here.

Fashion label extraordinaire Diesel, have teamed up with Ducati to create an ‘urban military chic‘ interpretation of the big naked.

You gotta laugh I fell for it really. But I suspect that many others will too, and that must be part of the PR plot to generate interest in this new interpretation of what is essentially a makeover of a Ducati Monster 1100.

You gotta admit once you get your head around the concept, it looks pretty cool.

There are some very nice touches to this custom Monster, like the evil looking black ‘Weapon’ dual cans;

I also like the matte black trellis, looks tuff.

and the racing yellow Brembo calipers;

Looking clean and minimalist, the Monster Diesel is immediately recognizable in urban environments thanks to its unique color combination: the new and exclusive “Diesel Brave Green” matt color and total black treatment for trellis, rims, engine covers, exhaust system and forks; while the yellow front brake calipers recall the superior sport performance of the Monster 1100 EVO.

As well as the rejigged instrument cluster, custom Diesel colour and your name etched onto a plate, but still for my dollar I would still want something more powerful, lighter, faster or something that handles better – not just a better looking arse and some makeup.