Living with a Monster – a LAMS approved Ducati

Inever thought I’d like this bike. I expected to really dislike it, even though I am nuts about ducs, it would just be too small and underpowered and hideous to ride. All wrong.


It’s got a great riding position even though I am a tall lanky bastard, and it’s a pretty short machine with a 770mm seat height, you sit nice and squat making it really easy to manage and handle. It gives you a sense of confidence and because it’s light, you can just flick it around and zoom through traffic like a little red dragonfly.

This little beasty is exactly that – a total beast. I loved riding it. I love the way it hums and braps along, most of all I love the way it makes me feel. Plenty of twin torque for a first bike too, you are not going to bother trying to win any races against a Speed Triple or 600cc Sportsbike, but it won’t matter to you. There is something about this iconic style of bike (Ducati’s best selling model) that makes you feel tough. It’s a pretty good view on board.

I know a lot of Learners probably need to think of the budget which might put the Ducati range out of reach, but even as a second bike which I am considering at the moment, especially for the daily commute, then I’d look no further than getting a little Monster.

Just look at it. Bewdiful!


The other thing about Ducati ownership, is exactly that. Ducati ownership. It comes with a sense of pride, some innate feeling of ultimate everythingness. I can’t explain, you have to feel it for yourself. People look at you when you roll up on such a classic looking machine with bloodlust in their eyes. Yeah that’s right people, look at me on my Ducati *flips bird*.

And this one is all class. Did you know that the 659 Monster logo is an ambigram?

Check it out, photographed from the front.


Or look at it parked up in front of a bunch of palm trees.


Hard not to like. I’ve been fortunate enough to have it long enough to get a good feel and I am impressed. It really rides like a Ducati and has a great sense of presence on the road, feels really solid and is incredibly easy to ride. Add to that the low centre of gravity and lightweight (163kgs dry), a slipper clutch and ABS on the model I’m looking at, and you have a really solid, safe bike that’s going to hold it’s value.

Uh-oh… I think I have fallen for a little Monster.

Check out the Flickr gallery for more pretty monster pictures.

Thanks to Ducati City Melbourne for the test ride.