2014 Monster 1200 S has me wobbly at the knees

It’s always been about massive amounts of torque. I don’t know what it is but nothing else in life quite simply satisfies in the same way. Multistrada, Hypermotard, Diavel – torque, torque, torque. Oozing from everywhere. Being hooked on torque is an addiction, a demon lurking deep in your subconscious waiting to be unleashed. As soon as I get on a big twin and rap it on, I am gone. Demented. Transformed. Invincible (in my mind).

But lately I’ve been hanging a bit low-key. Not really been riding a lot, just doing the commute, and no doubt some of you may have noticed; not really blogging a lot. Call it the Winter blues maybe or it a case of ’9-5-itis’ as I am back in full time work again – I just lost a bit of my mojo somewhere.

Over the course of the last week I found it, and I started to get itchy for my wheels again. The sun is shining and the days are getting longer and the urge for big long rides is coming back. Also, I really like my Multistrada. Jammed in Urban mode for the daily commute, I have  grown more fond of it and found a real groove to ride it in; so it’s staying, the black ghost isn’t going anywhere for now. But a second bike has always been on the cards…

Could it be a beautiful new Monster? You bloody bet. TAKE MY MONEY!


Look at that thing? It looks totally horn!


The subtle visual upgrades with the tank lines, that raw looking header and cans that look angrier, plus what they have done with the back end differentiates it from all before it nicely, so that this 20 year old design appears fresh and new again. I really like what Bologna has done here. All of it.


I think I am in love.

There is a white one with gloss black wheels which sounds pretty rad too. I love a white Monster. It will have the bronze frame to suit the paint and I really like the new short carbon front fender on the S, as well as the belly pan. It all agrees with me.

And wide bars. Mmm… look at the view from here.

All the spec is there; with a donk based on the 1198 Testastretta 11° engine producing a 145bhp on the S (10bhp more than the 1200 which weighs in at 135bhp.). You also get radially mounted Brembos, Ohlins shocks, ABS and Ducati Traction Control as well as nicely appointed dash.


In fact, this Monster is as laden with technology as my Multi is. Purists of the air cooled variety might not be as happy with the new 1200 Monster for that reason, and maybe it is another move towards finally killing that engine but I’m not that way inclined. Don’t ever hand me a spanner and ask me to do something to your bike, I will break it. It’s a fact and I have come to learn to live with it.

The fact is I already know I love this engine and all of the technology it comes with (please don’t make it keyless entry though, that shit is painful) it, so chuck that in a classic Monster frame and I am gone for all money.

Catch me if you can … braaaaaaap