Wagner Lewis Lightweight Pro Clutch

Introducing the Wagner Lewis High Performance DUCATI Dry Clutch. Leif Lewis is the man behind the genius of this high performance clutch, and being some sort of mechanical luddite I’ll leave the tech speak up to them;

The unique, patent-pending stabilizer plate in the Wagner Lewis Lightweight Pro Clutch is the key to a clutch that works better, longer. The CNC machined stabilizer plate, in conjunction with other precision components, allows your dry clutch to function perfectly. But it prevents the clutch plates from hammering the basket. The benefit to you is better feel and longer life, no matter how hard you use it or how much you slip it.

I have no idea if I am ready for this kind of thing but I like what I read and the talk of ‘fast starts permissable with no obnoxious clattering or vibration and easy neutrals’ sounds like something I need.

I’ve talked with Big Steve about the benefits of a slipper clutch and we both agreed there are pros and cons to be discussed. I’ve much to learn just to keep up with his understanding of bikes being a keen grease monkey who likes ‘wrenching on bikes’ so he tried to explain what a slipper clutch isn’t, below.

Thanks for that Steve, I think I get it now :)

I’ve come close to engine break lockups before from shifting down to hard to fast and it ain’t fun. From what I get a slipper clutch prevents this for you which is probably a pretty good thing if you are doing track days or just going hard often. I’m yet to get to that level of knowing my bike well enough yet to know if I need it yet.

But back to the Wagner Lewis clutch – I am intrigued, essentially it seems that a CNC machined stablizer plate holds the key to this seriously cool looking piece of kit making it out last and out perform other types of dry clutches available for the Ducati.

I love high performance parts that take the pursuit of excellence and engineering to a new lelvel, so this clutch is on my list, problem is that my list is long and very expensive.