Three new Hypermotard models announced

There are three new models in the family, all featuring a new Testastretta 11°, L-Twin cylinder, 4 valve per cylinder, Desmodromic, liquid cooled power plant.

The Hypermotard

The Hypermotard SP

and probably most interesting of all the Hyperstrada (we picked the name, they listened!).

Hypermotard Hyperstrada


Without much to go on, not enough caffeine and a day of work ahead of me I’m just sharing the news straight from for now for your reading pleasure.


Here are some specs, will dissect and discuss in detail later. 15,000km ‘service intervals’, and 30,00km ‘valve clearance check’ is good news that’s for sure, and of course the bigger fuel tank at 16L is good news for a better fuel range.



The Hyperstrada extends the hypermotard concept to fascinating new horizons. ABS, DTC, windshield, side bags, dedicated ergonomics and a series of touring features offering a new riding experience for everyone who loves curves, even when they’re far away from home.The new Hypermotard family has left the 2-valve configuration behind to adopt a new 4-valve engine with a water-cooled cylinder, featuring a bore x stroke of 88 mm x 67.5 mm designed to achieve a perfect balance between usability and performance: this is the new 821 cc Testastretta 11° engine which provides maximum power of 110 hp @ 9,250 rpm and torque of 89 Nm @ 7,500 rpm.

The Ride-by-Wire system, which is present on all the models in the Hypermotard family, allows 3 different engine mappings to be used to control torque and power:

  • 110 hp with sporting “”HIGH”” torque
  • 110 hp with progressive “”MEDIUM”” torque
  • 75 hp with progressive “”LOW”” torque

Touring seat set at a height of just 850 mm and the handlebars raised by 20 mm

Hypermotard SP

A raised set-up, forged Marchesini rims, fully adjustable suspensions with an ultralight Marzocchi aluminium yoke and Öhlins rear shock absorber for an extraordinary dry weight of 171 kg. ABS and Ducati Traction Control as standard

The new engine is equipped with an APTC oil bath clutch with ‘slipper’ function which can be activated with reduced force on the lever. Its design uses a progressive self-servo system with plates with a high wear coefficient and this increases the torque available, with all other factors being constant, and hence reduces clutch spring loading and, ultimately, loading on the lever. All the models are now equipped with cable-clutch control; this has proven the best solution for this application in terms of build simplicity. The slipper function intervenes when the drive force is reversed and reduces the pressure on the clutch discs and so enables the vehicle’s stability to be maintained during aggressive changes typical in sports riding.


All I can say for now is, that second bike I have been thinking about just got interesting. No air cooled engine any more, no more dry clutch and no big brother. Very interesting. For more details and spec sheets stick around, or head on over to to check out the bling and spin.

Oh and just to throw the cat amongst the pidgeons, there is also a new Diavel touring edition – the Diavel Strada.  More on that later too.


What do you think Ducatisti? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Me? I can’t wait to test ride every single one of them.