Plexiglass screen – why bother

Igave it a good try too, through 1500kms of all weather riding and it just didn’t do anything for me except impede my vision of the dash and make my bike look ugly.

I reckon it looks naff.


Didn’t even make it to the next day when I got home, tubbed it and took it off.

I was actually hoping for a bit of a break from the wind blast on the open roads, but I’m at 6’2″ I’m fairly tall and this thing just pushed the air straight into my face the whole time. In fact I think it actually pushed the air straight into my chest pushing me back more than anything, making for an uncomfortable ‘hang-on’ sensation.



At least I installed it myself! Ha! Four allen key bolts later and it was on and  off in a few minutes. Maybe if you are a shorter rider it might work for you. I had the same trouble with screens on my Buell XB12X, the taller one diverted air into my face and the smaller one did nothing. Such is life being a fan of tards and nakeds.

But sucker is as sucker does and I am still on the hunt for more mods.

I like this belly pan now and wonder what it would look like and if it would get in the way of the oil cooler guard and sump guard going on soon.


There is something cool about being to bolt bits on and off to change the look of your bike and I don’t mind really collecting bits and pieces that don’t even make it onto mine. They can sit in the garage and will probably one day wind up on eBay but for my money this wasn’t worth it.  I think the screen they developed for the Hyper Explorer looks better anyway.