New Year’s Eve 2011 onboard a Hypermotard EVO SP – video

Anyway, this is my first attempt at putting together a video that I shot using a Contour ROAM HD camera that I won on Facebook believe it or not, very good score I must say! Cheers Contour. I got the handlebar mount for the Contour ROAM and hooked it up on the Hypermotard and took off just cruising around, no malarky here.

It must have been around 35 degrees still and a very hot dry night in Melbourne so I thought I’d take a spin around the beach, down to Altona and then up and over the Westgate Freeway before nipping in and out around the fine city to see what was going on.

I think I got carried away with special effects! So many filters and tints and crazy bits it just doesn’t hang together well at all. Oh well, I will get better and shoot more interesting stuff next time.