My first Ducati – the Hypermotard EVO SP 2012

Owning a Ducati is. I remember 1994 when the 916 was first unveiled like it was yesterday but I was a kid then and could never afford one.

I am older and better off now and finally I made the right decision to get on one.

But my tastes have changed too, older and wiser maybe or just finally found my niche.

Having said that the motard style has always appealed, probably something to do with growing up on dirt bikes. I got my first dirt bike when I was 4. It was a Pee Wee 50!

Anyway, I know a love affair has just started. So I want to capture the journey, here on this blog.

I hope you will join in and leave me a comment about your love affair with this iconic brand of motorcycle.

They truly do have soul