Ducati Hypermotard fuel line system recall: 843/12

Igot a ‘1st Letter of Advisement’ today from Ducati importers NF Importers Pty Ltd advising that;

During the continuous quality test carried out on our products, we have found a possible non-conformity in the fuel system line of your motorcycle which could cause a slight fuel leakage. As a precaution, such fuel lines shall be replaced.

No big deal I guess as I haven’t noticed any leakages except after filling up on a long ride and seeing the normal fuel lock/overflow, but it still freaks me out. I could have caught on fire and exploded.

So I think it is worthy of noting for future Ducati Hypermotard owners to make sure any Hypermotard EVO SP MY12 or Monsters you may look at in the future should have this ‘new fuel line kit’ completed and noted in it’s history somewhere.

The Hyper isn’t the only bike affected, for a is a list of affected models check this on Bikepoint.com.au.

I guess I’d rather know in advance and be told than not know at all, so off she goes for the new fuel line kit install.