Diving into the accessory pool

Mmm…. pipes.

I desperately want to do the Termignoni slip-on upgrade but as I just sold everything I own to get my hands on the bike of the year that will have to wait.

I also really like the look of the Sargent seat for the Hyper. It kinda dresses up the stock seat with some hot red piping and apparently from what I read give a really good comfortable ride.

At $400 AUD that too can wait.

1. But some things can’t wait. Like mirrors.

The mirrors on the Hypermotard are a funny beast. Part innovation, part transformer but mostly impractical as a commuter the first thing that I have ordered are the Ducati Performance Hypermotard mirrors.

They look the best in my opinion with the built in indicators, but there is a catch. To make them look ‘right’ you need to install the second part on my list.

2. Bark busters.

The bike straight off the factory floor has hang guards, or bark busters, with built in indicators and the stock mirrors hanging off the side. A nice aesthetic but not practical so I opted for the performance replacement parts

3. Bash plate.

Personally I think the belly pan is a little unprotected on the Hyper. If you stick your neck under the front wheel the first thing you will see is your oil filter.

Pointing straight at the nearest bit of debris the front wheel flicks up. I reckon it is asking for trouble, so I have ordered the aluminium bash plate to give it a bit of protection. The guys at Ducati City Motorcycles in Melbourne (waves) reckon it’s a good plate but maybe the brackets aren’t so strong.

But if it protects my oil filter when I am out navigating the Barry Way or come across a bit of dirt track somewhere and it breaks, rather than my filter – I reckon it’s worth the money to have it there than not.

4. Luggage rack.

Most of my biker friends think I have brought a runabout town commuter or crazy stunt bike and fail to see any practicality to my choice of the Hyper. Pffft is what I say to them.

Having done a few good hour rides up through some twisties and around the mountains, I know this bike is versatile and CAN be a tourer. The biggest problem in my mind is fuel range.

But care not! I will be having the most fun of any of my bent over race bar croney friends when it comes to ripping through the Alpine Ranges.  And so I ordered the only luggage rack I could find. Don’t know exactly how practical it will turn out to be but I am sure I can occy-strap down a roll-on duffel bag for the 3-4 day trips we do once a year.

And last of all, my Christmas present this year from the significant other. A Ducati Performance race stand. Bloody gold I tell ya!

After the first week riding around on my new beast I quickly realised that I had no practical way to grease the chain. The only really practical solution here is to get one of the race stands. A designed for purpose stand on wheels with a centre rod that slips in through the axle when the bike is on the stand, it is a really good stand to use and can be done solo.

Thanks Santa.

And that is it, my current list of mods and accessories for now. Of course I have become a complete Ducati loyal nutcase and I want every t-shirt, jacket, boot and accessory money can buy but I am trying to be pragmatic and knock things off as I can afford them.