Adiós muchachos (& chicas)

There is no doubt in my mind that the Hyper is one of the most fun bikes I’ve ever ridden. With the upgrades I’ve done over the years it was close to where I wanted to get it.

But in more recent times its flaws became more and more obvious. It became ever apparent that sometimes a bike that’s fun to ride isn’t fun to own.

If I liken motorcycles to women (as many often do) it’s the classic scenario. The Ducati has a certain lure being more exotic & attractive than most other two-wheeled fem-fatales, a hot-headed and feisty Italian who shows you the meaning of a good time. The problem is the next morning the cracks start to show, feisty becomes temperamental.

Maybe that hot-blooded beauty has a jealous streak or perhaps turns emotional at the drop of a hat. What equated to a fun bike to ride might make for a good time with the female equivalent but by no means is she marriage material.

The woman you marry & settle down with, like the motorcycle equivalent is more practical and down to earth. She is the girl next door, your best friend and confidant. You fit together physically, emotionally and spiritually.

For me I couldn’t see myself with the Hyper for many years to come, the fun factor became quickly overshadowed by the flaws. I had held a candle hoping the new updated 2013 hyper would bring with it the Multistradas 1200 donk and a larger fuel tank. Maybe that would have seen me part ways with my fun bike for something a little more practical and stay with the brand. It was not to be.

The issue when parting with a bike is to sell or trade, private or dealer. The Hyper was in need of some TLC, rego and insurance due, new rear tyre, belts head stem bearing plus some dyno time to dial in the latest changes. All equating to dollars and time I wasn’t prepared to commit. I didn’t want to endure the weeks and months of phone calls and house calls of prospective buyers all wanting to go for a joy ride. I wanted something quick and painless

So with no hesitation or fear of regret I struck a suitable deal with a used dealer and exchanged my hyper for a cheque and walked away smiling.

I have other projects on the go like a new house & a business to get off the ground. Having a large family sees me busy 24/7 & with some of my children now showing more interest in bikes of their own it’s a passion I’m eager to share with them.

Its been a fun journey that inevitably had end. Life comes with many priorities and while I’m still doing 800km a week on my Harley I don’t see the sense or urge in keeping an expensive toy hidden away in the garage anymore.

It’s a long shot given the companies current misdirection but maybe one day I’ll be tempted by the trellis once again. I hope you’ve enjoyed my contributions, maybe Dan will let me still have the occasional rant just to keep things interesting.

Until then stay upright and always keep your knees in the breeze.

*Editor’s note
I was saddened to hear this news from the big fella but totally understand where he is coming from, some people are really sentimental about certain bikes, and some enjoy them and move on to other kinds, makes, models and brands.
I’m glad we met through a mutual passion for motorcycling and will be sure to keep in touch. So can you – by reading his own blog over at Not Another Motorcycle Blog where he writes regularly about his passion for all things moto sickle.