Michelin Pilot Road 3: tyres change everything

Ducati Monster 659 2020 Red New Showroom 001

Iummed and ahhed over the Pirelli Scorpions that came stock on the bike, and I figured for the type of riding I do, which is mostly road, I probably wouldn’t get the all round satisfaction out of them most days compared to the Pilot Roads. They are a really great looking tyre too, I love that tread pattern. …

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Amazing view from Arthurs Seat

P5093689 1024X768 1

With freshly scrubbed new PR3s and nothing but perfect weather on the radar it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a run out to a place I have been meaning to visit for some time but never got around to. And so it was. There is nothing special about the ride out there, mostly just …

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Ducati rider sights a Triceratops

P6163847 1024X768 1

Let’s just get it over with. This is the best bike I have ever had. It does everything. It has everything. It goes anywhere. It has it down low, up high, in between, on dirt, on the freeway, for commuting, for touring, for racing and for anything else I have missed out. This bold statement …

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Multistrada in micro

Dan Camface

Got a new lens for my trust Olympus EPL-2 PEN and now I love the little micro four-thirds more than ever. The 17mm fixed lens is really small and compact whereas the big flashy 14-150mm is a great all round super zoom lens, it takes up heaps of room. 

Comparing front wheel sizes


Something I have never really understood from a practical sense is what the big difference is with front wheels sizes. Every man and his dog have tried different explanations on me but none of them sink in. So when I found this video review on YouTube I was really chuffed to get a really practical …

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Keys, lessons, modes, DTC and jumping a Multistrada

Multistrada V4 Right Front Three Quarter

There are a whole lot of advanced electronics on a Multistrada 1200S, even the black ghost being a 2011 model (minus Ducati Skyhook Suspension of the current model), still has a full suite of electronically adjustable suspension, ABS and DTC (Ducati Traction Control). That’s before you even turn the thing on. Keys Speaking of that, I lost a …

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