You Spin Me Right Round (like a flywheel baby)

Ihaven’t sorted out getting out on two wheels yet, albeit there is a pretty nice early 2000 model 998 sitting in the shed that I have been offered up, but insurance is a problem for overseas visitors so I’ve been stuck in a cage.


That said, I have found the local Glaswegian Ducati dealer and popped down for a visit, introduced myself (like I’m some celebrity right? Haha) and took some snaps of the shop.


As with almost all of the locals I’ve been talking to, the guys are really friendly and knowledgable about their Ducatis. The sales guy (sorry mate, I forgot your name) had a good chat and tells me that Ducati sales are really strong here in Scotland.

Take a look at all of those sold bikes! What are you waiting guys – get in there and pick em up and head out to the Lochs. Very pleased to see a little Hypermotard 796 amongst those sold.

I’m told it’s a popular choice in Scotland, and they don’t bother stocking the 1100 EVO much as the EVO SP at £1500 more is just a no brainer. Couldn’t agree more.


The show room in split into two levels with all the new bikes shining, taunting, calling me on the ground floor. They stock every model by the look in many a different variant and the Panigale has made a strong impression here as well – every bike in was sold!


Up on the second floor my eyes almost fell clean oot of me heed, the place is chocka-block full of every accessory known to man. This is heaven, and hell to an accessory sucker like myself. I’ve already bought a Ducati lighter on my first visit, just because it was there and I had to have it, and today I picked up a Ducati Glasgow UK t-shirt (how could I go home without one really?).


Big difference from my local dealer in Melbourne (sorry Jamie, Neil and Bob!) who have quite a few clothing line but not that many accessories. These guys have every inch of every part of the entire floor stacked full of cabinets and wall racks of every part imaginable. I wanted to cry.


My credit card was inching its way out of my pocket over the steering dampener, the slipper clutch and the quickshifter – all things on my wish list for the Hypermotard back home.


It’s actually just great to be able to see all of these DP bits in the flesh. It plays to Ducatisti for inspiration because let’s face it, it doesn’t stop with the purchase of your first Ducati… that’s only the beginning. Next lies the endless journey of performance parts and mods to make your beast that little bit better or different from everyone elses.


I was really blown away by all the promo stuff supporting the Hypermotard including parts, helmets, clothing and accessories.

The guys also had on show quite a few different demonstrator bikes, including a Hyper 796 and a 1200 Multi… ever hopeful I still might get to take a Ducati for a squirt around Scotland yet!

Other than that, it’s going to be a shitty Jap bike, a Harley or a Beema, all at relatively affordable prices but it is going to be a hit and miss for the weather, not that I care that much but it would be nice to hit the road with the sun out a bit.