Recalibration, online Ducati communities and the art of the motovlog

I was really enjoying having an accomplice to blog with and meeting Steve was a really cool as he rode a Hyper, lived in Melbourne and worked just up the road from me in the CBD. Once we put it all together we became mates and it wasn’t long before we were collaborating on ideas for this blog to keep it  and moving.


For me right now in my life, it’s all about Ducati and my extreme enthusiasm for the Hypermotard. You can actually feel that in my earlier posts. Looking back now I have taken it to different level as I settle into life with it.

It is my only bike so I commute daily on it every working day of the year, and I try to get out on weekends as much as my mind and body is willing, and I’ll be damned if any of its limitations will stop me touring trying to pretend its some sort of capable tourer.

It’s recently been up and over the Snowy Mountains tailing two touring Beemas and I think it held its all. I still love the shit out of it. I think its the most excellent bike I’ve ever owned and absolutely perfect for me. Okay it has it’s limitations but I can count them on one hand and I can’t imagine swapping it for anything anytime soon.

But Steve suddenly ‘turned’ on me, edging over to the dark side with so much talk of cruisers and his lust for a Harley I knew the end was near for him. He is a passionate guy and, much like myself, changes his mind often so when he flicked me an MMS of a Dyna I knew it wouldn’t be long before the Hyper would get the arse – as it did. He explains the rationale with perfect clarity on his own blog here.

So what of this blog and Steve’s departure? No big deal! Onwards and upwards I say! Of course we’re still mates and I’ll miss his writing but I have so many ideas and crazy stories to share I just need to find more time to dedicate to it; you know how it goes – work, partner, family, friends, dogs, eat, sleep… ride, blog, film, edit, publish etc.