Master plan revisited: panel swap

Inever went the full Master Plan that I dreamed up recently. It’s pretty simple as to why; if I did the full project bike I’d end up with a bike that I’d be to scared to ride. I wouldn’t use it to commute, and I wouldn’t hit the dirt anymore. Okay let’s be serious, it was about money. Pulling the thing apart and dipping the trellis and subframe would cost a mint. I really like my Hyper for one main reason, it’s awesome to ride. Because I like riding it I reasoned that turning it into a full project bike would mean only one thing: needing another bike.


For now that isn’t on the cards for me, sad as that is, I can’t see me getting another bike past the ‘Global Financial Controller’ right now and the ‘Shed Crisis’ which still isn’t built, so I need to stick to the one bike for now.

I started to think back about what drew me to the Hyper originally and dumd as it sounds I remember seeing this ‘how to’ video on YouTube (can’t find it anymore) years back, maybe 2010 or around there and it hit me just how easily you could change the full appearance of the Hyper with the swappable panels.

It’s not a big job and quite fun to do really, here is a timelapse video I did of a panel swap from Corse to White.

The idea of changing the colour of your bike like this really appealed to me for some reason. So I guess that early video started it really, plus I really liked the super dirt bike-y aggressive look of the Hyper, it stood out and slapped me hard in the face when I first saw it and I stand by it today.

Having owned mine for a year now (14k on the clock) and having finally sourced a complete set of plastics – beak, tank cover, tank panels, rear exhaust fenders – I am putting the whole spare set in at Motologic for a black paint job. I guess you’re already thinking blah just like the EVO 1100 from a few years back but I’ve left the fate in the capable hands of Mr S Littlehales and he has his own Master Plan to go really metallic gloss gun metal grey, plus the black EVO 1100 at the time had a chrome sub frame and black trellis which I never really liked. So mine will be a cool grey black colour with a red racing stripe from front to back, right over the beak carrying onto the tank and down the tail. I am super excited and can’t wait to see it.

Then I’ll put the tank decal put back on, potentianlly in the retro style (but white on black);


There are quite a few versions of the logo to consider though, I guess I’ll see what’s out there first. Ultimately it could just be what’s on there now reapplied;

I sort of like this outline one, not sure if its legit? Is it off a Sports Classic?


Would it work on the Hyper? Who knows, hard to tell without doing a mock up in Photoshop (beyond my mental capacity right now).

I think I want to add the Corse sticker back on the front nose… but really I’m leaving most of that detail up to Stephen.


This is about as close as I can get to finding something online like what I am thinking. Love the complete exhaust wrap in this pic.


I still think it looks a bit heavy without any pin stripe, or not racy enough from these pics but I have a vision in my head and the pics don’t do this bike justice I’m sure.

So my only concern is that all black on red just seems to dominate the bike and hide those sharp lines a bit, I hope to cool that down with the white pin stripe (??). This SC Project bike looks awesome, that full single side system sure is a mean, clean look. Maybe a couple of subtly placed stickers will be in order?