Master Plan – Hypermotard makeover

Get a second bike

Dont know what that is just yet, but it could be anything from a Honda XR 200 with road wheels to a brand new Multistrada, an old ST2 or a Z1000J at this point. There is a long list in my head that is worthy of a separate blog post. Oh and with a bunch of new Ducatis just around the corner, anything is possible. Hold please.

Build a shed

This has been happening at home for I’d say the last five years. Little progress has been made. There are drawings and quotes but a lack of certainty has stopped us (me and the Global Financial Controller) from committing to anything.

Tear the Hyper down

This should take place in the aforementioned yet to be built shed so this is a long tail plan. There is also the other thing to consider; my mechanical ability. I’m better off with Lego.

Maybe, just maybe, I could take it apart (I highly doubt it) but I definitely wouldn’t trust me to put it back together. This all has a very negative effect on my manhood, of course.

Powder coat everything

Get frame (sub and trellis)  and all bits possible power coated in a titanium/chrome finish, ala NCR Leggera.

Paint Panels

Random known fact number 1: blue is my favourite colour (how the hell I ended up with a red Ducati is beyond me).

Get spare panels painted in a Hattar NCR Legerra scheme (or deep dark Impreza WRX World Rally Blue).

Custom Graphic

I’m not mad flashy but this will be the final touch and probably hardest thing to decide on, it would need a custom graphic. Something totally awesome and befitting of such a bike. I think a silver Ducati logo and accompanying racing stripe. Or pin stripes… not sure on the details yet, it’s a high level Master Plan right now.

Big Steve recently introduced me to a mad tattoo studio, the Ruin Art Collective that I think I’d like to approach for a Ducati Blog Australia graphic design with a zombie/madman/pyschotic antihero creature/logo.

I really like Ruiner, Ran Maclurkin’s work so it would be cool to get a design from him and have it cut up into a custom laser cut graphic somehow.

Cat Delete

When ever I say cat delete in my head I see a meowing cat and a big delete key which somehow magically ‘deletes’ the cat.  Stakeholder is another favourite – I always picture a Mexican in a sombrero and poncho holding a Fred Flinstone sized T-Bone steak. Steak holder. But I digress.

Purchase and install Leo Vince cat delete. This is the final performance mod I need to tidy up the, that silver-box-cat of evil air restriction needs to go, and I’m committed now with the termi slip ons, so I may as well just bight the bullet and get the cat. There’s a really good installation walk through on this job on forums here if you want to check it out.

*Sidenote – bit jealous of Steve’s full SC Project system. Just a wee bit (like a whole truck load).

Re-assemble bike

This is all a total flight of fantasy because I am not capable of doing the work, even though I’d love to try.

Ride like I stole it

It would have to be used so this just goes without saying.

Die happy

You can’t argue with that. See flow chart of life cycle decision making.

The end

The only hesitation I would have is that I am not building an actual titanium frame Leggera and the idea is not very original (dammit!). But that’s today’s Master Plan so, deal. Yo.

I guess I could add quite a few choice NCR parts with the boys from Motocicletta just around the corner … hmm.