Hypermotard upgrade #1 – cosmetics and practicality

The first parts I bought for the Hyper were what I thought would be cosmetic changes, the ones that I wanted to do for my  personal taste, but they have ended up affecting the ride strangely enough.

I had the innovative flip-out bar end mirrors replaced for the storks and Ducati Performance mirrors as mentioned in previous posts. From the first ride out of the garage she had an immediately different feel to her. I was quite confused by this because after all they are just rear vision mirrors but it has somehow affected the riding position and overall stance I feel I take when I get on board.

With the flipouts I have a tendency to be more slouched and kicked back and ride it a bit like a retarded cruiser. But with the new up front mirrors and a real sense of all round awareness somehow I feel more aggressive, more forward on the tank and a need/want to go faster.

Hypermotard Ducati Performance Mirrors - After Shot 


Hypermotard Ducati Performance mirrors – after shot

Is that completely crazy or what?

The other mod got fitted up was the luggage rack. I took a look at the instructions and saw that the wiring loom was involved and just thought, nup, not doing that and so the boys down at Ducati City got the job (again).

Not as much of a visual impact as I imagined also. The tiny tail piece has been stowed safely away in a box and the luggage rack replaces it, housing the brake light neatly underneath and maybe just making it look a bit more tourer-esque  than before. Turns out a really practical rack that I can easily occy a backpack onto that’ll hold enough stuff to get me through a four day ride.


Before the upgrade;

Hypermotard – before shot

After shot;

Hypermotard – after shot

Gives it a different look right? Less aggressive?

I think it almost looks a bit stupid now and at first thought, shit I’ve done the wrong thing. Spoilt the look, killed the aesthetic.

Here’s the luggage rack;

Did you notice that seat? I thought you might of.

Yes it’s a Ducati Performance seat that the I have been loaned to try out – just in time for the big ride. More on that later after I’ve done a few km’s on it, but right now it feels pretty gooooood.

So first round upgrades are almost done – still waiting on the sump guard and Evotech oil cooler guard protectors coming in, hopefully they will make it before the end of the week. While you might say these parts are just cosmetic, I think in fact I have made the Tard more practical. The mirrors are oustanding and stable in the traffic – set and forget. Not to mention splitting lanes at the lights is now a breeze and no need to quickly flip in and anything either. That get’s the daily ride practicality tick from me.

And the luggage rack gives it that extra practicality of course because now I can actually strap a bag to it and carry shit. Farken excellent.

Only problem with owning a Ducati so far – I keep running out of money to buy more parts!