Hypermotard exhaust system upgrades

So I’m going to just that and jump into some research on the solutions for the Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP exhaust system upgrades.

For the sake of this post I have already narrowed the search down somewhat by testing a few Hypers before I got on my own, and I know that the Termignoni is the system I want.

But even Termi have quite a few different systems just for the Hyper, my dilemma is which one to go with?

Termignoni-Race-System-Single-Side-CarbonI think the two-into-one system with the pipes coming out to a single side are out. As a daily rider they would just be too loud. Awesome yes, but loud as hell and an EPA target.

Have you ever seen a Hyper with a two-into-one installed open it up and pop the front wheel through four gears? Sounds like a tasmanian devil screaming through a megaphone = manic. They really change the aesthetic of the bike too, taking that design to a whole different place and incoporating a new piece of carbon on the left side to replace the missing pipe.

Great for the track, and truth be known, designed for track use where things like EPA notices aren’t a problem. Even with the baffles in that system makes an Hyper sound like Cujo gargling razor blades.

They look awesome I have decided, cost a packet but give you a radical boost in performance and that true ducati rumble that turns heads and starts car alarms in carparks (read: make Dan smile). Big weight savings of 7kg and a chunk out of your wallet at $3300.

Confusingly there are different types showing on the Ducati Australian website that I can’t figure out the differences of. One is $2880 and the other $3300. Miffed to the max? I am. Might have to go speak to my new best mate Neil at Ducati City in Melbourne spares and look into this. I’m thinking the images are wrong and one is the Titanium kit and one is the Carbon kit. My preference would be for the shiny bits :P

Termignoni Slip On Exhausts Hypermotard Evo SpThen you have the straight slip-on homologated one-into-two pipes that I’ve been thinking would do nicely. They are EPA passable from what I understand, but still produce a deeper rumble over the stock flap.

But it is an expensive option for just a slip on. At a touch over $2300 AUD you do get the note and some boost in performance, but you are stuck with the catalytic converter so not a great deal of more straight through torque, or the benefits of heat reduction.

You keep the original design of the aesthetic with the twin pipes sticking out under the brake fin which I do like quite a bit, though there isn’t a weight saving like with the removal of the cat and the single side upgrade. So it sounds like a bit of a lame upgrade right?

Then I heard about the link pipe kit that goes with those little one-into-two Termi’s, and that has got me thinking.

The link pipe kit gets ride of the cat converter and gives you a straight through air flow producing a significant lift in performance and a much more ferocious sound than the pipes on their own.

The problem is two fold. A signicant second outlay and another dam ECU. When you get (or I should say if) the homologated silencer kit exhaust kit on it’s own, it comes with a dedicated ECU as you would expect to change the engine mapping to cater for that extra air. Those things are half the cost of the kit on their own.

So then if you take the next step in street upgrades and go with the 2-in-2  manifiold kit to replace the cat, you are looking at a RRP of aroun $1700 on top because not only do you get a slick new stainless steel pipe about another dedicated ECU to cope with the improved air flow. So that kit and probably the most sensible upgrade for a street bike is going to set you back $3500.00.

That is a lot of cash but I guess on par with just going straight to the racing system. Herein lies my biggest dilemma. I’m fairly certain I’d like the race system but not the hassles of the EPA notices, and I’m also fairly certain I’d did the homologated twin kit with the manifold upgrade but don’t wanna fork out 3.5k for it.

Anyone got any sage words for me?