HM45 Mid Size Hyper Fuel Tank – Crowdfunding required!

The guys over at CA Cycleworks are renowned in the Ducati/Hyper community for their HM69 tank – a replacement 24 litre tank for the original pissy 13 litre stock tank giving Hyper owners some real range capability.

I was all for this option prior to finding out about the WaspWorks PUK. That basically replaces your stock airbox and gives you a big set of pods and stacks that help the bitch bike breathe. Best upgrade I have done to date. Problem being if you replace your airbox with the WaspWorks (TPO Beast or DuckShop performance intake system) you can’t fit the HM69 because that too replaces the stock air box and gives you a neat little set of Pods to use, but it won’t fit up with the bigger stacks or pods…

Decisions decisions. So I went with the WaspWorks PUK and haven’t regretted it. Well I have whined a fair bit about the fuel range since and admittedly the WW didn’t help my fuel economy much at all! Ha!

But now with experience under their belt, I have just read that they (CA Cycleworks) are near completion of a mid-size tank for the Hyper – a HM45. This tank will hold from what I understand around 17 litres, or 4.5 Gallons in the U S of A. This is very exciting news especially seeing that the model is no longer a production bike, I had given up all hope of ever getting a better fuel range out of it!

Not a moment too soon I see from the Facebook page that they are CrowdFunding the project through Rockethub to make it a really for Hyper owners. CrowdFunding is nothing to be scared of. From what I understand you have pretty much their guarantee they will refund you if the project falls over (and it won’t because they delivered the HM69) and also a pretty solid assurance from Chris K over on the forum.

I have some experience in these systems as I helped a friend get an artistic project off the ground and watched it come to life. Her use of the Pozible process allowed her to make a short animated film called ‘Good Grief‘ that I was a small part of.  Without the support of her family,  friends and fans she would never have been able to complete it so it I know it can work! It’s a system that helps dedicated amazing individuals with vision do stuff with community support.

So if you have ever needed to act, now is the time. These guys are a small company selling quality aftermarket motorcycle parts and I support them in trying to raise a few guaranteed orders before they start production and have put my crowdfunding money where my mouth is. After all, I’ve got everything to gain.

Got a Hypermotard with a modified intake system? Sick of fuel stops? Go help Chris and the guys at CA Cycleworks make this happen. Help fund the HM 45 mid size fuel tank project and see how it feels to own a Hyper with a 17litre fuel tank!