Getting sticky with grips and other accessories

Frustrated by a lack of Hyper-ness I have started inventing shopping lists of all the things I have wanted to do but never got around to. It’s amazing what you can find to buy on the Internet that you’ve never even thought of before, when you don’t have a sickle sitting in the shed to play with.

So here is a list of things that I am currently thinking about, and or mid way through ordering, for my endless infatuation with all things motorcycles.

  • Crocolis HD Extreme Cam (on its way from Hong Kong thanks fleaBay)

Ok this sounds cheap and nasty I know, it probably is, but from what reviews I’ve read it actually isn’t so for a fully functioning HD camera with all the accessories and features it has and at $179 I don’t give a shit.


I’m always on the hunt for more ways to strap a camera to my bike and thus far I’ve had many different models and none that really blew my pants off so I’ve ordered it from Honkers and will just suck it up, if it…  well.. sucks.


It’s got everything including a TFT viewing screen and every kind of mounting attachement you can think of.


I like the idea of it being water proof and filming at 60fps in 720p and 30fps in 1080p, so I should be able to do some slo-mo to keep Big Steve happy, and with any luck I might be able to mount it down low somewhere and get some good action shots.

I don’t what the lady in the two piece was thinking, clearly I’m not the target market, and clearly they didn’t tell her she’d be in the technical specification section.


  • Spider Peak Grips (awaiting shipping and delivery charges)

I fell in love with the Pikes Peak Multistrada 1200 S race bike as soon as I saw it. Then I realised I could own a bit of one!

The grips are made by a company called Spider Grips and they sell the exact same grips used on the Ducati Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Multistrada 1200 S racing bike. So I ordered two sets, one for me and one for Big Steve so I can blackmail him into fitting mine. Seriously, I can’t even fit a set of grips – oh the shame.

Regardless, they look fat, grippy and awesome and at only $17.95 a pair plus shipping I think it’s the cheapest mod you can do.


  • New plastics

I really want to make my EVO SP all black with the red frame. I’m liking the cheap factor of these on Luismoto, if I could work out how to use their site I’d order a set and get them painted up.

  • New bars

Have been thinking about this for a while and really like the Accossato ones found on the DB10 Bimotard but I don’t know why I want new bars except for the fact that when I sat on the Bimotard the bars and setup felt instantly much more suited to me than my own Hyper. So I must need new bars right?

Again the big guy is gonna help me set up the Hyper a bit better and we are gonna talk about damping the front forks and stuff I don’t understand like ‘rise’ and ‘sweep’ of the current bars. Tags? Pro Tapers? More investigation needed, but definitely in matte black.

  • OZ Racing Wheels

Man these things look sweet! And light – I had the chance to actually hold a rear wheel at the Bimota shop and I was gobsmacked at just how light they are. We’re talking a packet of chips light, it’s ridiculous. And light means fast.

I could just as easily go some carbon fibre BST wheels in a flash but at around $2-3k a pair for either brand, this is purely fantasy land.

  • Cat Delete

Just to tidy up that bottom half of my zorst and really get things breathing right. Leo Vince? Custom? China cheapy? Termignoni? Decisions decisions.

  • NCR  bits from Motocicletta

I’m not sure there is a massive performance gain in updating your master slave cylinder, although I am told it is to reduce the effort of clutch pull. That said, I’m pretty sure my pressure plate was all about bling…I mean….Look at it.

It’s black and it says NCR.



Mirrors? Indicators? Steering dampers? Lightened flywheels? I could go on. The question is where does it end?

The answer is never.

I started this blog post at around midday, started researching the grips and ended up in a net worm-hole for the whole day  – it’s now almost 9pm and it stil isn’t finished and I am only half way through my list.