Evotech Oil Cooler Guard Protector

Ichecked out the site and found what I wanted straight away and at a really decent price, including conversion to AUD from GBP plus reasonable postage. It might take three months to get here but I’m in no hurry.

Evotech Performance make really nice looking kit. I’m pretty confident this story will have a happy ending. Not the kind of happy ending you associate with a Thai masssage, the other kind.

So if you are in the running for some nice bespoke pieces the site is set up really bloody well, you choose your bike Make, Model and Year, and the site conveniently dishes up exactly what they have for you.

I noted some nice looking sliders, and some pretty funky heel plates that look like a good replacement if you want to lose your stockies.  They also have the most inconspicuous tail tidy that I have seen for a Hyper yet, very neat and enticing, but one thing at a time for now.

So I ordered the one bit I was actually thinking would be a really good idea for the ADR after a run through a rabble of butterflies in the mountains had me picking bits of wings and smashed butterfly aresholes out of my oil cooler recently – an oil cooler guard protector.

It looks like a well fitted piece of kit that will do a good job of protecting the cooler from major stone damage and future butterfly ingestion…

Thanks to Scott Palmer on Twitter who shouted out after reading this blog and gave me the tip off.

Good one fella, go with speed my hyper-friend.