Ducati Performance tank guard – the pros and cons

The idea of a tank protector is a bit of a must I reckon. After all, you are sliding up and down on the seat with every ride so it makes sense that the tank is going to get scratched, and no one wants that, so I ordered one. It cost me $40, no big layout.

There are two types available for the Hypermotard and will fit the 1100S and EVO models from 2008 on.

The clear tank guard, and the carbon look version.

I opted for the clear one and thought about installing it long and hard and it seemed like a prick of a job but one that I should really try, so I did, but it didn’t go so well.

I tried lining it up on the tank as best I could while still on the backing, and I reccommend that if you are going to try this you put it on a stand so the bike is sitting up straight – that’ll make it easier to see if you have both sides even.

I followed the method of applying it from the middle outwards as per the instructions, starting with the fuel lid lined up evenly, and sort of folded it down each side piece by piece.

At first I thought it looked okay, but I had pinched corners and bubbles of air trapped under it. It didn’t look okay on closer inspection at all. It looked like shit. I had applied it unevenly as hell. It was definitely more to the left side than the right and all these bubbles were trapped plus those ugly little creases showed up so much because, of course, it is transparent. It was going to annoy the shit out of me looking at it every day.

So without too much second guessing I carefully peeled it back off.

Luckily for me I hadn’t really applied heaps of pressure and thankfully it came off without lifting any paint at all. In the photo on the right you can see the bubbles got trapped under the backing once I had put it back on, how can you avoid this? Windex?

Lucky escape.

Apparently the carbon one goes on much easier, probably easier to line up because it is a darker, non transparent colour. But I ain’t fond of the idea of the carbon (black) one because my bike has the 2012 Corse paint and it would cut the stripes through three places breaking the aesthetic of the cool new racing stripes. Ugly, not happening to Sookie. :P

Might try another crack at the clear one, not really sure at this stage. Anyone else had a go and had success at this? Got any tips for applying it really evenly and without bubbles and creases?