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Our experts’ answers to all your queries of replacing your lost or broken Ducati keys.

Ducati is well known for creating some of the most high-performance motorcycles on earth. The feeling of riding such powerful beasts with outstanding sleek design is happiness out of the world.

Only a Ducati rider knows the happiness of having a ride that does not only has the best design but also outstanding performance.

But there are times when this happiness can fade away so quickly that sadness and panic bubble within you. Apart from motorcycle breaks downs on a road, low fuel, there are things you should also take care of to avoid a rainy day.

One of those problems is losing your motorcycle key. What if you lose your Ducati key or if it is damaged? What if all your plans are on the brink of cancellation just because of losing your Ducati key? You’re completely seized by panic till now. Your day is just about to get ruined.

Losing a key is common and this issue is faced by every person. What makes it worst is frustration! Only a few know how to demonstrate such a panic situation without ruining their days.

Before starting on how you can help yourself in such a situation of losing a Ducati Key, let’s see the most common queries made on google and answered by our Ducati key replacement experts.

List of queries made after losing a Ducati key.
  • How to get a Replacement Ducati key?
  • How much does a Ducati key replacement cost?
  • How to Start Ducati Diavel without Key?
  • What is a Ducati red key?
  • How to get a Ducati Red key replacement?
  • How much does a Ducati Red Key Replacement cost?
  • How can I start my Ducati Diavel with pin code?


Our Ducati Key Replacement Expert Answers these queries:

Q: How to get a Replacement Ducati key?

A:  If you Ducati key is lost or damaged or you want to get a duplicate key in spare. All you have to do is to reach out your nearest and best locksmith. Although many Ducati models come with keyless start, but they also have keys to avoid any uncertainty


He will program the black transponder key fob with Ducati Red Key. So that you don’t have to copy the code from the previous broken or lost key transponder chip.

You can also do it yourself but don’t take risk if you have doubts .


Q: How much does a Ducati key replacement cost?

A: A Ducati key replacement cost around 207 AUD

As a Ducati key contain a transponder chip, it may cost you $180 AUD to $207 AUD to get a Ducati Replacement Key. But the price may increase if you’re willing to replace the whole ignition kit.

People usually don’t like someone else messing around with their bike with the lost key, so they prefer to completely change the ignition kit.

Replacement of a Ducati Ignition kit (Ducati ignition cylinder) can cost around $3460 (AUD). Around $1107 AUD for the ignition kit along with $1661 AUD for the replacement of the instrument panel (according to Ducati’s policy) and $554 AUD-$693 AUD including the taxes and labor charges.


Q:  How to Start Ducati Diavel without Key?

A: Ducati enables its customers to start its bike with an additional most useful feature of using code. You can also start your Ducati Diavel with a code.

But for this purpose, you need to have a 4-digit code. Turn the ignition switch (between speedometer and tachometer) in the clockwise direction.


Pro Tip: If you’re buying a used motorcycle especially Ducati, please check the proper code.


Q: How can I start my Ducati Diavel with a pin code?

A: If your Ducati Diavel key fob is lost and you are stranded. Don’t worry! Thanks to the Ducati’s. Your motorcycle can also get started with a (4-6 Digits) code. All you have to do is to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Turn the knob (below the meter) in the clockwise direction.

A screen light will turn on and it will ask for a 4-digit code.


Step 2: Enter your personal 4-digit code.

You have to enter the pin code with the controls on the left grip of your Diavel’s handle.


Press the up button and keep checking the screen for the changing numbers and press enter(between up and down controls) each time you enter your code digit and proceed for the next digit.


Note: Make sure you have your Ducati Diavel’s code. If you are buying a used Ducati Diavel, make sure you also get a proper working code from the first owner.

Step 3: Your bike will start once you enter the right code.

In case you don’t know the code, you can get it to reset too but you may void your warranty. For this purpose, please contact an expert dealer and ask the Pros and Cons of resetting it.

If you’re an Australian citizen and You have lost your Ducati [Model] key,  leave a message to Contact Us , and our experts will call you soon.


Q: What is a Ducati Red Key?

A: A Ducati Red Key is a key used for Ducati Key programming of Black Transponders keys and also for the reprogramming of ECU. It programs a code that your bike recognizes.


Q: How to get a key?

A: In order to get a Ducati Red Key replacement, all you need is to contact your dealer first, ask him if he can provide you with a New Red Key for the Ducati or not. If somehow, he is not able to do it, Go for SOS here http://sosdiagnostics.com/


Q: How much does a Ducati Red Key Replacement cost?

A: A New Red key can cost around $830 AUD with a New Black Key and a code card.



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Our Services:

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  • Panigale
  • SuperLeggera
  • SuperSport


Getting a Ducati Replacement key is not a very tough job if in the right hands. But what makes it difficult is the expertise and experience of the service provider. Make sure your service provider is your city’s finest.

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