Cool exhausts from SC Project

Regardless, I have found a tonne of new exhaust upgrades, once again thanks to Big Steve and his research lab over at notanothermotocycleblog :).

I have always been a big fan of V-Twins with 2-2 exhausts. They sound better, they breathe better and they look freakin’ awesome.

Part of the allure to the Hyper for me was always the aggressive styling. When it was first released my eyes stung just looking at its torn apart street shredding motard-ness. Definitely love at first sight. I think it scared me at first, being a reader of all things bikey I read the stats and reviews and thought’ ‘there is one way to lose my license, or my life. Get a Ducati stunt bike and see how good you really are’.

Turns out it’s never the bike but the rider who pushes too far, yet now I am finally a proud owner I discovered it can be ridden as sedately or as ferociously as you like. And it is always above all else absolutely maximum fun to ride in any situation.

But the pipes sticking out under the back seat have always been a large part of that appeal, odd I know, so it is with a heavy heart I consider going into 2-1 system and would really like to keep the styling of the 2-1-2 or 2-1 under the back seat. Which is what has me excited today. Which reminds me a lot of my Trixxie.

Big cans shooting straight out the back, looked really tuff I thought. Never did get around to modding anything on that bike. It was just too damn small for me. It broke my back every single day just humphing in and out of traffic. Then I found this on the SC Project site.

That looks mental! I love the way they have diverted the second shorter pipe up behind the first. Makes a lot of sense and gives a straight out airway (almost) for the back cylinder. I really like the look of the twin pipes sticking out the back but this bike has obviously had a fairly big makeover in the body department so it might take some extra tweaks on a stock Hyper EVO SP to get it looking right.

From the manafacturer:

Full system 2-2 with GP-EVO silencers and carbon couple of side fairings

Full system 2-2 with collectors in stainless steel AISI 304 and GP-EVO silencers in right and left position.  Reduction of the weight of 5.5 kilos compared with original exhaust system.
Street legal version according “EU” regulations. DB Killer removeable to modify from street legal configuration to racing configuration
Carbon couple of side fairing included.
Product is supplied with all fittings required and link pipe. 24 months SC-Project official guarantee

Heaps more exhausts to look into and research, excellent. Just look what happens when you install them though! Uh-oh…