Choosing crash protection for your Ducati – axle and frame sliders

Crash protection on a naked usually takes form in the way of sliders. Frame sliders and axle sliders being the most common. The good old Oggy Knob has become synonymous with most bikers at least knowing of them.

I’m hoping that some simple axle sliders can really take the sting out of long down times after stupid tip-overs.

Ozynob has some nice looking alternatives to the popular Oggy and they are made in Australia to boot which is always good to support.

Sliders are a good option and can be the difference of being able to quickly get back on, or waiting for parts to come from Bologna.

From what my research tells me there are different opinions on which sliders are the best to go with, and I have talked to many with different opinions of what’s best. here’s the thing about  opinions though, they can be a lot like arseholes – everyone has one – but that doesn’t mean they need to be aired out all the time.

So what should you think about trying to form your own opinion about sliders as a form of crash protection for your sweetheart?

It comes down to a few key things; abrasion resistance, impact absorption strength and weight.

  • How well does the slider take a slide down the road?
  • Will it grab and spit your bike up in the air?
  • How does it attach to the axle or frame and what kind of impact is that going to have on said mount point?
  • Weight of course should you be considering that  or taking to the track where every gram counts.

The Hyper is particularly prone to shaving front forks in a low speed slide. Trust me I’ve tested it (admitted somewhat embarrassingly). So I’m going with these sweet looking axle Track Sliders from Motocicletta as a starting point.


I am told they do a really good job of taking the impact away from your bike and are built to grind down taking all the impact absorption with their nylon makeup. If you go down, you can always spin them around and shave them evenly on both sides too :)

At this point that is it for me, going to wait to see what they look like as there is a matching Frame Slider set from the boys at Motocicletta. I’m more than likely to stay with the one brand for consistency.