Boot talk

Right now I’ve gone full circle and just wear these cheap RST ‘waterproof’ leather boots. They cost me $125 from Peter Stevens and I got them because they were flat more than heeled and apparently waterproof, but didn’t have a gortex lining… turns out they are anything but waterproof. In fact they are so not waterproof that I can wear shopping bags inside and in a 15km commute still have completely drenched feet.

For winter in Melbourne all I want is to be waterproof. Last year up in the mountains I got caught out completely under dressed in a summer jacket and without waterproof anythings (including Alpinestars SMX 5 non-waterproof boots) I got so wet and cold that I was visibly shaking and struggling to breathe normally.


Not a good situation and somehow the toes all crimped in and shrunk in those so I’m back to the RST and wanting more.

Check out these beauties from I give you the Forma Adventure Boot.


Then there are these bad boys, you can see the pattern here, I am heading face first into Adventure boot territory.

The Gaerne Balanced Oil Boot look like a really nice all weather boot.

I reckon you can wear any sort of boot that makes you happy really, it doesn’t matter what one maker says they are for, if you’re comfortable and have the right level of protection and you want to wear MX boots then go for it.

There are so many kinds of boots on the market it’s bloody hard to make an informed purchase anyway, you gotta try them on (if you can) and even then you just aren’t gonna know until you clock up a few hundred kays and suffer the four seasons in them.

I’ve got another mate who is an ex-postie and he swears by his shop issue Rossi leather boots with a heavy duty zip and he reckons he’s never had wet feet.

I do know one thing, ankle boots aren’t the go.