Big Steve is Exhausted

For a time I hated my hyper, its impracticality, its tiny fuel tank, lack of storage, protection from the elements the list goes on. At one stage I was even considering selling it. I’m glad I didn’t because the latest round of mods have had me smiling ear to ear over and over again.


I’ve wrote previously on my impressions of the Nichols MFG flywheel that I fitted a few weeks back, it was once again a new means of making me smile. In the lead up to ordering the flywheel I also had a change of heart about my plan to get some headers mated to the akra muffler I had. I knew I wanted 2-1, I contemplated the MIVV, while being cheap it didn’t come with any of the “extra” bits needed to tidy up the tail when you go 2-1 and it looks like ass.

Despite its price the 2-1 Termi kit does deliver on the basis that it includes everything, body panels, license plate mounts solid gold plated unicorn and turn signal mounts making it truely “plug and play”.

But I just didn’t like the 2-1 Termi, I didn’t need the ECU, I didn’t like the way the muffler mounted looking like it was an after thought. so in my constant researching of zorst options I kept coming back to SC Project, they had the options with a full 2-1 or 2-2 or just a single slip on. The 2-1 included body panels with the only missing piece being how you mount your plate and blinkers. Confident I could address both the plate and signal mounts with brackets I had already had I went and purchased the Black Stainless + full system from Motovation USA.

All up shipped it came to about $1350 which is pretty good value for money considering what you get (and the fact that the 2-1 termi is over double that).

After a small raping from customs for an additional $200 for taxes, x-rays and “extra handling fees”(I guess it looked like a bazooka and things went south from there) I had my bits inside of 2 weeks.

As I opened the box and went through the parts I quickly knew something was odd. The headers had threaded holes for 2 o2 sensors not one, I checked my order and sure enough i’d ordered a system for an EVO hyper (mine is the original DS1100). At this point I should put on my sensible fathers hat and confess that when I placed the order I had been our at a bar with friends earlier that night and was far from sober.

Regardless I am an eternal optimist and think its better this way, the way I see it if I bin my bike tomorrow I’ll replace it with an EVO – the pipes are transferable. If I had of got the correct headers and binned my bike tomorrow then the pipes would only be transferable to another DS1100 so its win win if you ask me.

Fitting them up was fairly straight forward. I ordered some o2 sensor bungs to plug both holes (I’ve removed the O2 sensor). I got a set of plain stainless items from a local hotrod shop, to get me by while I wait for some nicer hex head ones from Pro Italia.


I had the exhaust mounted up within about 3 hours including removal of the OEM system. The hardest part was how was I going to mount the plate? I already had signal mounts sorted courtesy of “headlight relocator” part# 96761308B.

But with everything removed from the subframe you have one hole. Some adapting of the OEM plate bracket and some stainless had something passable. I used some alloy spacers that where the right size to space the bracket down from the subframe to clear the tail light and it was looking ok. I had to drill one additional hole in the plate on the subframe, everything fitted nicely, was plenty sturdy and once plugged back in all worked perfectly.


I’ll swap out the steel I used for something powdercoated and braced for a permanent solution eventually but for the moment it looks good and I couldn’t be happier.

I received 2 maps from Todd @ Bunbury Ducati to suit a 2-1 and my intake/ECU setup but I haven’t completed this as yet. My only gripe with the WASPWORKS PUK is where the PCIII mounts. It’s not man sized hands friendly so I need to get a few things done (new rear tyre & head stem bearing) so I figured I’d get a dyno tune and maybe some other things sorted at the same time. Stay tuned on that, until then here is a quick clip.