Adding a DP sump guard to the Hypermotard

Me and a torque wrench is not a good combination, so when I saw precise Nm measurements to attach this thing I immediately gave (embarrassingly) up.

That aside I am quietly chuffed with the little bash plate. It has Hypermotard stamped in it in capital letters. The mounts don’t look particularly strong but I imagine should it take enough of a hit it might break off but at least my oil won’t go running down the road (hopefully).

Okay, I admit it up front, I am a sucker for accessories and I want them all.

I reckon it does two jobs, one is the protection and the other is just a bit of  down low bling.


It really looked like a simple installation but then again we are talking about bolts near engine mounts and stuff measured in Nm that are just beyond what I trust myself doing.

I’m not sure if there are others out there, the only other one I have seen was installed on the Hypermotard Adventure bike makeover.


That one clearly looks more like the real deal for protection over the DP one as the steel looks thicker and the mounts much more solid, what do you think?

I’ve also seen the DP Belly Fairing online at $589 AUD and think it might look pretty good on a track version of a Hyper. You’d need track sponsorship to fork out that money for a tiny fairing.


Seen any other sump guards or bash plates on a Hyper?