Upgrades; Stacks, Pods & Pipes


Trying to work out which way to go with power upgrades and pipe installs is a big decision not to be taken lightly.   After much deliberation and quite a few discussions with fellow Hyper fans, most notably my new bestie Big Steve about the pipe situation, I took the plunge and ordered the WaspWorks Hyper PUK adamant …

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Ducati Challenge HD – iPad game review

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Icome from the first generation of computer geeks and can remember programming BASIC on my Tandy TRS-80 when I was a wee lad, making 3D blocks pop out of the screen for no reason at all, but nowadays the Playstation hardly ever gets switched on, and casual games on the iPad or iPhone are more my style. …

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Best Ducati Monster Mods

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Ducati is a name that all motorcycling enthusiasts know and respect. Their most high-end models cost at least $30,000, making them one of the more expensive brands around! You can find secondhand Ducatis for as much as ten grand because it says “Ducati” there. The brand has been on the go since 1926, so they …

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