Riding and music – a good mix?

Is it any different from listening to the stereo in your car while you drive?

How do you get good sound into your helmet and out to your ears? What headphones should you get?

I travelled this crazy quest with my normal levels of ridiculous enthusiasm and decided I could modify some $30 cans from JB HiFi no problem.

It was a problem and it didn’t work.

Then I thought to have a look online and see what I could find which lead me to eBay and a $4.99 AUD purchase of some cheap arsed shitty Chinese things with double velcro inserts and I had a solution.

A pretty crappy quality solution but a solution nonetheless.

I found this pair of Red Burton Helmet headphones for around $30 on eBay so it may be worth investing in a more expensive pair (if I was serious enough I would).

The ones I found for a fiver were similar and designed to sit inside your lid where the cutout for your ears are, and surprisingly they fit pretty well and didn’t put any pressure on my ears once the lid was on and all that jazz. BTW I wear a Shoei XR 1100 lid before you ask. I have a big egg shaped noggin that fits well in the Shoei lids.

I gave it a crack and the only real disappointment besides the overal quality of the sound was the cable is a real hassle to use on a daily basis, it is permanently there once you velcro your ear buds in and taking a lid on and off once might be okay but mine is on and off all the time and I found my typically clumsy self was always wrestling with the bloody cable more than was acceptable. so out they came.

I used the stock iPhone earbuds for a while but the problem with those is they don’t really fit that well so once you try to squeeze the lid over them they typically fall out and make things uncomfortable.

I had some aJAYS Four which were bloody awesome in earbuds but I wrecked them buy pulling the lid on and off over a period of time. I think I stretched the delicate wire connecting the buds to the jack between my head and helmet one too many times.

For me I’ve decided I don’t like music while I’m riding, I much prefer listening to that wicked ducati fart on hard decel and don’t like the distraction of music for the daily ride.

Has anyone had any luck with this sort of thing? What are the best buds for your ride? Is a helmet intercomm system the way to go maybe?